It's time once again for AnandTech's Memory and Motherboard price guide.

The basic goal is to provide you with the best deals, and follow price trends of the listed products. We have selected a leading team of on-line vendors, and will be tracking their progress on weekly basis. Please note that all vendors were selected according to their best price offered. Some vendors may ask that you place a phone-order to make sure that you receive our listed price; others simply ask that you mention where you found the price (in this case AnandTech). We have tried to eliminate vendors with low feedback rating, but we do encourage you to do some research before purchasing any product from this list.

If you encounter any problems with a vendor on our list, please email us, and we will take appropriate action. Remember that we will only list vendors with positive customer feedback. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to let us know.

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This Week

This week we've spiced up our Memory and Motherboard price guide with the addition of ten VIA Apollo Pro 133A-based Socket 370/Slot-1 motherboards. As you might recall, the Apollo Pro 133A chipset delivers PC100 and PC133 memory support along with AGP 4X, AC’97 & MC’97, and 133MHz FSB features. The flexibility of this platform as well prices of motherboards based on this chipset are comparable to those of i815-based boards which convinced us to add Apollo Pro 133A boards to our price guide.

As far as prices of the other motherboards that we list, not much has changed since our last guide. This is especially true with KT133-based boards which have., for the moment, stabilized in price. Both Socket-370 and Socket-423 motherboards have remained quiet in terms of price with no significant shifts.

In the memory arena the situation is reminiscent of our price guide dating back to early February where we saw almost every memory module drop in price. This week the drops are not as dramatic as before but are nonetheless present as memory prices continue to take a nosedive.

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