02:03PM EDT - Time for hands on

02:03PM EDT - Wrapping things up, thanking everyone

02:02PM EDT - So I probably don't feel the significance of this, but I look forward to the new campus

02:02PM EDT - This is my first time here

02:02PM EDT - This is probably the last event that will ever happen in Town Hall

01:58PM EDT - I'm honestly not sure how I'm going to have to test the display of this

01:57PM EDT - Each display is calibrated individually instead of at the batch level based upon their product video

01:56PM EDT - Preorder 3/24, on sale 3/31

01:55PM EDT - Starts at 599 for 32GB, 128GB 749

01:55PM EDT - Comes in 4 colors, including Rose Gold

01:54PM EDT - Retina flash as well

01:54PM EDT - 5MP FFC

01:54PM EDT - There's a camera hump which is interesting

01:54PM EDT - Same camera as iPhone 6s? Hard to say

01:53PM EDT - Can also use the USB camera adapter for ethernet and microphones, etc.

01:53PM EDT - USB camera adapter and SD card reader for photographers

01:52PM EDT - Apple Pencil support as well

01:52PM EDT - The smart keyboard is specifically designed for the 9.7" size

01:52PM EDT - Oh, there we go

01:51PM EDT - I think they just showed the keyboard cover without talking about it

01:50PM EDT - Uses A9X shared with iPad Pro 13"

01:50PM EDT - 2x the volume of iPad Air 2

01:50PM EDT - 4 speaker audio system shared with 13" iPad Pro

01:50PM EDT - This sounds like Samsung's Adapt Display mode, but I'm not sure what exactly Samsung is doing with their mode

01:49PM EDT - True tone display with 2 4 channel ambient light sensors to adapt color balance

01:48PM EDT - Hopefully it has color management so sRGB is still managed properly

01:48PM EDT - DCI-P3 gamut support

01:48PM EDT - 25% higher luminance to get to 500 nits

01:47PM EDT - New AR coating, 40% lower reflectivity than iPad Air 2

01:47PM EDT - Pro display with photoalignment, custom TCON shared with iPad Pro, and IGZO TFT

01:47PM EDT - Over 1M iPad apps designed for iPad

01:46PM EDT - 2 targets, Windows users and people that just want a 9.7" iPad

01:45PM EDT - Weighs less than a pound

01:45PM EDT - iPad Pro 9.7" display version

01:44PM EDT - For pretty much all of my studying/notes I only use the iPad Pro at this point

01:44PM EDT - Apple Pencil is actually amazing for education/creative work

01:43PM EDT - Phil Schiller talks about their new iPad Pro

01:43PM EDT - iPad is next

01:42PM EDT - Hopefully they don't actually gimp the Apple Pencil, iOS 9.3 available today

01:40PM EDT - Health also has app suggestions

01:40PM EDT - Notes will also be TouchID/password protected

01:39PM EDT - iOS 9.3 brings Night Shift to decrease blue light output to make it easier to fall asleep at night

01:38PM EDT - iOS 9 runs on 80% of active iOS devices

01:38PM EDT - Not the end, now for iOS

01:38PM EDT - More than 110 countries by the end of May for retail availability

01:37PM EDT - Available for sale 3/21

01:37PM EDT - Orders start 3/24

01:37PM EDT - 17/USD month for 24 months, free on 2 year contract

01:37PM EDT - 399 USD starting for the iPhone SE 16GB

01:36PM EDT - NFC Apple Pay supported

01:35PM EDT - Single stream 802.11ac WiFi

01:35PM EDT - FFC also has retina flash with the same LED driver technology

01:34PM EDT - No mention of OIS

01:34PM EDT - Same camera as the iPhone 6s

01:33PM EDT - Same frequency as the A9 in the iPhone 6s

01:32PM EDT - Uses Apple A9 SoC with M9 coprocessor

01:32PM EDT - "Most powerful 4-icnh phone ever"

01:31PM EDT - Called iPhone SE

01:31PM EDT - Some people (Ryan Smith) want a smaller phone, others tend to use a 4-inch iPhone as their first iPhone

01:30PM EDT - New version of the iPhone announced today

01:30PM EDT - iPhone is up next

01:30PM EDT - Update will be available today, on to the next thing

01:29PM EDT - New features for tVOS like folders

01:27PM EDT - Over 5000 Apple TV apps

01:27PM EDT - On to Apple TV

01:26PM EDT - Also price drop to 299 base

01:26PM EDT - New colors for existing band types

01:26PM EDT - A new nylon band because roughly a third of users regularly swap bands

01:25PM EDT - Apple Watch is top selling smartwatch and top for customer satisfaction

01:24PM EDT - Moving on to product

01:23PM EDT - Example app for post-surgery recovery, CareKit available in April and will be open source

01:21PM EDT - An SDK that makes it easier to make apps for individualized healthcare

01:21PM EDT - CareKit is the result

01:20PM EDT - It turns out that the same tools used for medical research can also be used for medical care

01:18PM EDT - The goal is to use mobile devices for things like health diagnoses, more useful data for research, and tracking health

01:15PM EDT - Mass General Hospital was able to discover that there are subtypes of Type 2 Diabetes

01:15PM EDT - With ResearchKit it was possible to do the largest Parkinson's study in history

01:13PM EDT - Next initiative is health, discussing ResearchKit

01:13PM EDT - Apple Renew allows for easy device recycling, which is nice I guess?

01:11PM EDT - R&D project known as Liam which automates disassembly of old iPhones to improve recycling

01:10PM EDT - Reuse and recycle initiatives as well to try and reduce waste

01:09PM EDT - Also 99% of their packaging comes from recycled paper or sustainably managed forests

01:07PM EDT - In Sichuan province Apple had to build their own solar farm to power 34 retail stores and 19 offices in the country

01:07PM EDT - The 93% figure is global, 100% is in China/US and many other countries.

01:06PM EDT - This covers datacenters, offices, and retail stores. Currently at 93%.

01:06PM EDT - Environment is first on the agenda, Apple is attempting to become powered solely by renewable energy.

01:05PM EDT - Moving past security discussion, two initiatives to discuss first.

01:03PM EDT - "Before we get started today..." discussing security and the San Bernardino case.

01:02PM EDT - 1B active Apple devices around the world now

01:02PM EDT - It turns out that Apple turns 40 on April 1st, 2016.

01:01PM EDT - Overview of the company history

12:56PM EDT - Ryan is also seemingly excited for the prospect of a proper 4 inch iPhone.

12:51PM EDT - While we're waiting to find out what Apple wants to talk about today, I should mention that this room is smaller than most lecture halls at UCLA.

12:49PM EDT - We're currently settled into Apple's Town Hall venue. The WiFi appears to be relatively strong so hopefully things go smoothly this time around

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  • GC2:CS - Monday, March 21, 2016 - link

    Next year in one of the UFO rooms guys.

    Excited for the news... Hope for something really thin.
  • JamesDean17 - Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - link

    Latest news guys latest news is that since App Lee has refused to cooperate with FBI and unlock terrorists phones NSA has declared the highest security alert now for this country and this company has been declared a terrorist companie since it posses such threat to national security that could basically destroy America. Therefore all App Lee bank accounts got frozen and this morning bassicaly the Coupertino based headquarters got sorounded by FBI and police and everyone that worked for this terrorist companie got arrested and jailed as terrorists.
    FCC also comisioned that all App Lee devices to be banned from sales and no future imports could be made in America for such devices. Also if you're using one of these devices you could be arrested on street with no warrant because bassically you support terrorism.
    FBI also found that since these devices were used by highly grade terrorists murderers assasins pedofiles and all kind of offenders the OS was in fact just a psychologic virus that infected its users minds turning them into zombies, that's how it could be explained why they were waiting in lines weeks before these devices got on sales like zombies do. Therefore if you use one of such devices you could be already a zombies without knowing it.
  • JamesDean17 - Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - link

    Let me tell you the story of a Logo companie:
    Logo companie was founded on 1 April just to fool the fools, others wanted to be part of their succes but at the end of the day the Logo companie always eat the whole cake while their partners got poor and bankrupt because that was the plan even from the begining, to conquer the world and to bankrupt the competition even those that supply you with basic components for your devices, that's the CANCER of the industrie that we face now guys. The founder of the Logo companie returned just when the CANCER inside him got stronger and wanted more, that way the CANCER mentality was installed inside the whole companie. The founder was found dead by CANCER but the CANCER driven Logo companie still wants to eat the whole world, God save us all.
  • JoeyJoJo123 - Monday, March 21, 2016 - link

    "Phil Schiller talks about their new iPad Pro"

    I sure hope he's not schilling this product during this event...
  • damianrobertjones - Monday, March 21, 2016 - link

    The price of the new iPad pro should be the same as the iPad Air 2. All we have is updated 'features' for the extra money and, frankly, we're being fleeced.

    "Hey, let's add x and y then jack the price up instead of releasing a tame Air 3!"

  • extide - Monday, March 21, 2016 - link

    No, it is quite a bit of new hardware that is probably more expensive, so at least some of the higher price is somewhat justified.
  • Meteor2 - Wednesday, March 23, 2016 - link

    I doubt there's a cost increase. This is just the progress you'd expect after two years. No reason for cost to increase.
  • Glaurung - Monday, March 21, 2016 - link

    The 10" pro has pencil support. A display with pen support vs one without probably explains the cost difference all by itself.
  • Dennis Travis - Monday, March 21, 2016 - link

    Besides what everyone else replied how about the MUCH faster CPU, 4 Speaker Audio that is much better sounding?
  • WinterCharm - Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - link

    iPad pro has awesome speakers. Go into an apple store and listen for yourself. They are close to audiophile level speakers in terms of detail, clarity, and bass.

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