Ascend P2

We just stopped by Huawei's press event here in Barcelona just before Mobile World Congress 2013 kicks off, and Huawei had an interesting surprise lined up. Huawei put the Ascend P2 LTE out on display before the event actually kicked off, and we seized the opportunity to play around with it and get some impressions. The P2 LTE is based around Huawei's own silicon, the familiar K3V2 SoC which consists of four ARM Cortex A9s at 1.5 GHz. There's 1 GB of RAM onboard, and a 1280x720 display on the front which looks like it's 4.7-inches in size (Update: 4.7-inches and IPS LCD). In addition, the P2 includes LTE and the rest of the 3GPP suite of connectivity (WCDMA/GSM). I'm told this is...

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