80 Plus Gold

LAS VEGAS, NV — Silverstone has quite a few PSU lines in its portfolio covering every possible need in the market. The entry-level line, named “Essential” currently consists of 23 selections with efficiency ratings ranging from the base 80 PLUS certification up to 80 PLUS Gold. These units have not be certified, at this time, by Cybenetics so we are missing more detailed efficiency and performance information as well as noise output. The latest additions to the Essential line are three semi-module units – ET550-HG, ET650-HG, and ET750-HG. As their model numbers suggest, these units will cover the 550W-750W capacity range. They are all 80 PLUS Gold certified, have normal dimensions (16cm depth), and are cooled by a 140mm fan which Silverstone says offers silent...

Seasonic S12G 650W Power Supply Review

It has been 16 months since our last power supply review, but the long wait is finally over. We have a new PSU and cases editor, and this is...

77 by E. Fylladitakis on 2/28/2014

Rosewill Capstone 450W and 650W 80Plus Gold

We tested the Hive 550W a short while ago, and now Rosewill is following up with their Capstone series, which should be more efficient (80 Plus Gold certification). In...

33 by Martin Kaffei on 3/21/2012

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