Rack space is always at a premium. With the push towards maximum space efficiency and 1U servers, it is necessary to pack as much as possible within a limited space, and massive double height DIMMs are obviously NOT going to fit in a 1U, 2U or maybe even a 3U case, even when the slots are angled.

A number of RAM manufacturers are taking an active role in resolving this issue, resulting in recent developments that advance memory module technology. Using a little bit of clever thinking, Elpida and Kingston have come up with a way to avoid the huge DIMMs by going 3D: mount two memory devices over each other on a standard height DIMM.

While the idea of stacking two TSOPs (Thin Small Outline Packages) has been floating around for a few years, Elpida and Kingston have only recently come up with new methods improving on this design.

Kentrontech, another RAM manufacturer, decided to take a slightly different approach, and use two PCBs side by side.

Monster RAM Elpida's solution
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