Last night, our brand new motherboard editor Evan Lieb brought you coverage from the Technology Showcase at IDF. Today, having a rare bit of free time, I made my way down to the Technology Showcase to do a little looking around myself. For those of you that aren't familiar with IDF, the Technology Showcase is an area where Intel and other manufacturers using Intel components/standards can show off their products; the Technology Showcase is much like a scaled down version of Comdex or Computex but only friends of Intel may have an exhibit there.

In the interest of time we'll keep this coverage to only the major technologies and follow up tomorrow morning with the rest of the Technology Showcase. Today we'll be talking about Intel's Tidewater and Big Water form factors, PCI Express, Banias and Intel's new motherboard targeted at the enthusiast market.

Tidewater & Big Water: 6 Months Later
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