With the internet at the fingertips of just about every novice computer user, it is amazing to think back to how things were just 10 years ago, without the conveniences of 56K, Cable, and DSL connections, and especially without the hardware conveniences that have since been integrated into circuits that can fit into the palm of your hand.

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Sony VAIO PCG-818

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Sony's VAIO PCG-818

$2999.97 MSRP as Tested

+ Light weight, powerful, & quiet operation
+ Easy to operate, beautiful high contrast 13.3" XGA screen
+ High performance processor, cool running, long battery life

- Expensive
- Will quickly depreciate in value
- Somewhat limited upgrade path
- Poor Video performance

One of the most technologically advanced facets of computer hardware, more specifically, PC hardware, is, without a doubt, the improvements the market has seen in mobile products. Microprocessors are getting smaller, running faster and cooler, and consuming much less power than they did just a year ago. Computers have become an integral part of today's society, taking the analog nature of man and combining it with the digital nature of the era that surrounds us all. 

Thinking back to 10 years ago once again, you would probably never have thought of purchasing a Sony made computer, much less a laptop, however since that time, Sony has made themselves into a heavy weight contender in the desktop and laptop PC industries, especially with their VAIO series of products. The name VAIO, according to Sony, is representative of that very idea discussed above, the integration of the analog and digital worlds, since the VAIO logo is essentially composed of a trigonometric sine wave transforming into a binary number, 101010. Although many readers of AnandTech will find themselves cringing at the thought of purchasing a retail system, as a laptop, Sony's latest concoction, the VAIO PCG-818 based on Intel's new mobile Pentium II processor, definitely has the capability of satisfying even the most power hungry users. For those of you looking to give your Celeron 450's a rest while you're on the road, yet don't want to lose out on your net life while away, Sony has quite a bit to offer with this high-end VAIO product.

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