11:27PM EDT - Anton and I are at ASUS' consumer press event, more often called the 'Zen' press event. We expect a quick flurry of launches from Jonney Shih, so stay tuned for our coverage. The event is set to start at 11:30am Taiwan time (11:30pm ET).

11:28PM EDT - Just under three minutes to go here

11:28PM EDT - The place is packed

11:29PM EDT - There was such a big rush for seating, that Anton and I didn't even get seats next to each other

11:29PM EDT - But in comparison to the ASUS ROG press event yesterday, this is the more 'Zen' oriented event for consumer products not focused on gaming

11:30PM EDT - On the sides of the room are the 'Zenbook' logos

11:30PM EDT - 10 seconds

11:31PM EDT - Here we go

11:31PM EDT - Intro video

11:31PM EDT - 'AI' flashes up

11:31PM EDT - 'be bold'

11:31PM EDT - 'stunning', 'slim'

11:31PM EDT - 'unleash your creative power'

11:32PM EDT - It's technically called the Unleash Your Creative Power press event

11:32PM EDT - Jonney Shih to the stage

11:32PM EDT - >He's not in a leather jacket this time

11:33PM EDT - We have always believed that the best technology is the one is used by everyone

11:33PM EDT - Over the last decade, unique innovations to market. Over that time we have focused on challenging the boundaries

11:33PM EDT - perfecting the computing experience

11:33PM EDT - bringing out the best in everyone

11:34PM EDT - Unleashing creative power with beauty, performance, innovation, and state of the art technologies

11:34PM EDT - including AI

11:34PM EDT - Marcel Campos to the stage

11:34PM EDT - ASUS Global PC and Phone Marketing Senior Director

11:35PM EDT - New collection of products

11:35PM EDT - Health

11:35PM EDT - ASUS cares about health

11:35PM EDT - New products with healthcare in mind

11:35PM EDT - Hypertension affects 9m every year

11:35PM EDT - Our product to know their health conditions in advance anywhere at any time

11:36PM EDT - Heart Rate, Sleep Quality, Activity Data, De-stress Index

11:36PM EDT - But blood pressure data is still not possible on smart devices

11:36PM EDT - New health tracker device

11:36PM EDT - Special device with metal plates

11:36PM EDT - ASUS HealthAI Algorithm

11:36PM EDT - Color LCD

11:36PM EDT - Optical Sensors

11:37PM EDT - Gorilla Glass

11:37PM EDT - ECG Sensors

11:37PM EDT - All the technologies in a watch

11:37PM EDT - ASUS VivoWatch BP

11:37PM EDT - First wearable blood pressure tracking watch

11:37PM EDT - Measured in 15 seconds with two different sensors

11:37PM EDT - Measures systolic, diastolic

11:38PM EDT - Different to anything on the market today

11:38PM EDT - More convenient

11:38PM EDT - Help users to correlate data for wellness

11:38PM EDT - Creates a profile of health conditions over tie

11:38PM EDT - gives suggestions to control blood pressure

11:39PM EDT - tracking of data should be continuous

11:39PM EDT - 28-day battery life in normal use

11:39PM EDT - 70% smaller and 50% lighter than competitive devices

11:39PM EDT - Beauty and Fashionable

11:39PM EDT - Medical Grade silicon bands

11:40PM EDT - Now ASUS Vivobook

11:40PM EDT - Something fresh, fashionable and modern this time around

11:40PM EDT - Video time. 'Be your one true color'

11:40PM EDT - 'Colour outside the lines'

11:40PM EDT - >Ha, using the British spelling of Colour

11:41PM EDT - VivoBook in several colors

11:41PM EDT - Icicle Gold, Gun Metal, Star Grey, Firmament Green, Silver Blue, Icicle Gold, Rose Gold

11:42PM EDT - Making egonomics more important than ever

11:42PM EDT - Ergo lift -

11:42PM EDT - notebook moves up when you open it, making it easier to type

11:42PM EDT - NanoEdge display - 86% screen to body ratio

11:42PM EDT - 89% of S13

11:42PM EDT - 4.3mm bezel

11:42PM EDT - S13, S14, S15

11:43PM EDT - Up to Core i7

11:43PM EDT - >Now for models on stage with the devices

11:43PM EDT - >All female ...

11:43PM EDT - >The middle one clearly doesn't want to be there

11:43PM EDT - Now for Zenbook

11:44PM EDT - Premium notebook lineup

11:44PM EDT - Video time recapping Zenbook history

11:45PM EDT - Elegant and Sophisticated

11:46PM EDT - Zenbook S built to be ultraportable, ultrathin, ultra light

11:46PM EDT - Ergo lift design again

11:46PM EDT - ISO-compliant tilt

11:46PM EDT - 145 degree tilt

11:46PM EDT - 4K NanoEdge 13.3-inch display

11:46PM EDT - 8th Gen Core i7, 1TB SSD, 16 GB DRAM, TB3 Type-C

11:47PM EDT - 2133 MHz memory

11:48PM EDT - New color - Burgundy Red

11:48PM EDT - >That actually looks quite nice

11:48PM EDT - Metallic finish

11:48PM EDT - Red on the inside

11:49PM EDT - Zenbook Pro 14 now

11:49PM EDT - first ever 14-inch

11:49PM EDT - with Ergolift and 5.2mm bezel

11:49PM EDT - Core i7 and GTX 1050 MaxQ

11:49PM EDT - 1TB SSD and 16GB Optane

11:49PM EDT - >What, Optane and NVMe SSD ???

11:49PM EDT - Also Zenbook Pro 15

11:50PM EDT - Support 4K 15.6-inch

11:50PM EDT - Supports three extra 4K displays via TB3 and HDMI

11:50PM EDT - 4x4K displays total

11:50PM EDT - 132% sRGB

11:50PM EDT - 100% Adobe RGB

11:51PM EDT - Pantone certified, Delta E < 2

11:51PM EDT - GTX 1050 Ti and Core i9

11:51PM EDT - 1TB NVMe, 16GB DDR4 memory

11:51PM EDT - 18.9mm

11:51PM EDT - 5.5-inch screenpad

11:52PM EDT - touch pad is a screen

11:52PM EDT - Intelligent touchpad

11:52PM EDT - Apps for Screenpad

11:52PM EDT - launcher, calendar, music player, calculator

11:52PM EDT - Changes interface to common apps, like MSWord

11:52PM EDT - Quick options for Excel, Word

11:53PM EDT - Shortcuts to common options

11:53PM EDT - Control youtube video

11:53PM EDT - Sync smartphone with Screenpad for notifications

11:53PM EDT - or smartphone games

11:53PM EDT - Personalise the wallpaper on the screenpad

11:54PM EDT - Versatile second screen

11:54PM EDT - More than just a luancher for shortcuts

11:54PM EDT - An extended screen too

11:54PM EDT - Screen Extender Mode

11:54PM EDT - Drag and drop the window into the screen pad

11:55PM EDT - Like a second monitor

11:55PM EDT - 'It's awesome'

11:55PM EDT - Endless possibilities

11:55PM EDT - SDK will soon be developers

11:56PM EDT - 'Everyone can be a hero'

11:57PM EDT - Gal Gadot video

11:57PM EDT - She's being sponsored by everyone these days

11:58PM EDT - Second video of Gal Gadot now

11:59PM EDT - Intel to the stage

12:00AM EDT - 7 years ago first zenbook

12:01AM EDT - Discussing Intel Keynote later today

12:04AM EDT - >They're not saying much beyond praising each other

12:04AM EDT - Sneak Peak of concept product

12:04AM EDT - later

12:05AM EDT - Microsoft to the stage as well

12:07AM EDT - AI, ML, etc

12:08AM EDT - Movidius at the edge

12:08AM EDT - ScreenPad is the innovation that differentiates the products

12:09AM EDT - Now discussing history of devices that evolved the ecosystem

12:09AM EDT - Searching for the next big thing

12:10AM EDT - Now discussing a concept product

12:10AM EDT - Project Precog

12:10AM EDT - AI meets the PC

12:10AM EDT - Always starts with People

12:10AM EDT - AI is not just a term, it is a way to solve problems

12:10AM EDT - 'What is the best form factor for an AI PC?'

12:11AM EDT - So now dual screen

12:11AM EDT - Convertable dual screnen PC

12:11AM EDT - Stand mode, book mode

12:11AM EDT - Or tent mode

12:11AM EDT - Flat mode for two player games

12:12AM EDT - One screen can be keyboard and mouse

12:12AM EDT - removes keyboard / touchpad when key/mouse is attached

12:12AM EDT - Use stylus/pen

12:12AM EDT - It predicts what you are doing

12:13AM EDT - 'AI Maximized Battery Life Span'

12:13AM EDT - >This is on the Zenfone 5 as well

12:13AM EDT - Use Excel on main screen, second screen uses AI to suggest ways to show the data

12:13AM EDT - Cortana enabled

12:14AM EDT - Intel Movidius inside

12:14AM EDT - Hardware accelerated visual intelligence

12:14AM EDT - real-time object recognition

12:14AM EDT - Alexa as well

12:14AM EDT - Demo to the stage

12:15AM EDT - Demo unit on stage

12:15AM EDT - It looks 13-inch

12:15AM EDT - Live working demo

12:16AM EDT - Still in development

12:16AM EDT - Planned availability in 2019

12:16AM EDT - plan to make it real

12:17AM EDT - OK looks like we're done. Run to the next event!

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  • PixyMisa - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    Touchpad screen seems like a much better idea than Apple's touchbar. I'll be interested to see what is done with that.
  • UnNameless - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    Dig the watch ability to measure blood pressure and I was hoping for such capability on the next Apple Watch, but the method of deployment I think is wrong on Asus. Aside from the in-esthetic part, it should be something seem less on the bottom part of the watch not on the top.
  • Gothmoth - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    meh........ what a boring event.
  • soliloquist - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    First Picture...zoom in, second row center, great timing ;)
  • HStewart - Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - link

    When I first saw Zen on title - I thought of AMD but then I remember that ASUS has used Zen for a long time

    So here is some thoughts
    1. Did AMD choose the Zen name because they want there chips in ASUS because of gaming?
    2. Could ASUS sue AMD for using the Zen name in there chips

    Just interesting thoughts

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