06:23AM PST - Hello everybody and welcome LG's CES 2018 press conference. We'll be giving key updates on what LG has to say for this year's product lineup!

08:00AM PST - This year we'll be covering the press event remotely, however this means better snapshots for the blog.

08:02AM PST - Big data, IoT, cloud services and mostly artificial intelligence are the main topics of this conference.

08:02AM PST - LG introduces their own AI brand: ThinkQ.

08:03AM PST - LG promises the products will learn from the users and evolve with time.

08:04AM PST - The LG ThinkQ learns your living patterns and adjusts its settings based on them.

08:05AM PST - In cars, ThinkQ will be able to determine your your status, such as if you're tired or drowsy.

08:05AM PST - LG promises to integrate ThinkQ in a variety of products and product portfolios.

08:06AM PST - Washing machines can for example automatically set the proper cycle by detecting the washing load.

08:08AM PST - LG promises openness to its AI ecosystem, with both in-house and third-party solutions.

08:08AM PST - As such open platforms, open partnership will power ThinkQ.

08:09AM PST - Open interoperability with various partners such as Google.

08:10AM PST - LG is participating in the OCF ecosystem and synergy with devices from other vendors.

08:11AM PST - LG promises a fund to kickstart the ecosystem.

08:11AM PST - Google's Scott Huffman is join the LG stage.

08:12AM PST - Building on Google's experience in machine learning.

08:12AM PST - The collaboration started on phones and has continued on all kinds of devices.

08:13AM PST - The LG ThinkQ speaker will integrate the Google Assistant

08:14AM PST - Google is looking forward to implement the Google Assistant in a variety of LG products in the coming year.

08:15AM PST - Promotional video playing right now, showing examples of use-cases with various household appliances.

08:15AM PST - You can now shout at your oven and fridge!

08:16AM PST - Of course privacy and security will be paramount for home connectivity, hopefully LG executes well.

08:17AM PST - David VanderWaal taking the stage with the best question: What's the benefit?

08:17AM PST - All of 2017's home appliances are WiFi enabled.

08:18AM PST - ThinkQ will be implemented in all of LG's 2018 appliances.

08:18AM PST - "Offering the best, most convenient solutions to simplify people's lives"

08:19AM PST - LG CLOi - a cute little interactive robot that talk interacts with you.

08:20AM PST - David asks what's his schedule for his day - going to the gym, ThinkQ sets the sports wear configuration on the washing machine.

08:21AM PST - It takes into account environmental data such as the weather to adjust washing settings.

08:21AM PST - Little slip-up with CLOi on-stage, it didn't respond to David's request.

08:21AM PST - The washer for example talks to the dryer to set the proper cycle setting.

08:23AM PST - Moving onto fridges, NFC tags can tag food ingredients and track their expiration dates.

08:24AM PST - Quite disastrous presentation, the CLOi assistant totally stopped responding to the presenter.

08:25AM PST - The fridge can track your ingredients and present you receipts for cooking, all integrated into the home AI system.

08:26AM PST - LG's proactive service system will connect with LG's service centre and preemptively contact them when it diagnoses that a device is soon to be failing.

08:27AM PST - Another marketing video demonstrating the voice assistant features. Similar to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

08:28AM PST - Home connectivity throughout various home devices, TVs, lights.

08:29AM PST - "Why does a television need AI?"

08:30AM PST - The AI TV can provide contextualised information on content, such as telling you the actors of a given show.

08:31AM PST - Full support with Google Assistant services.

08:32AM PST - Moving to LG's TV product line with product manager Tim Alessi.

08:32AM PST - Taking the best TV ever, and making it better in 2018.

08:33AM PST - LG's OLED are increasingly being used in the movie and grading industry.

08:34AM PST - The new Alpha9 TV SoC enables crucial enhancements for 2018 devices.

08:34AM PST - The new SoC enables better noise reduction algorithms.

08:35AM PST - We now have a increased LUT support as well as better 120fps HFR content.

08:36AM PST - 4K HDR will be a feature for all 2018 TVs

08:36AM PST - Dolby Vision and HDR10 are supported.

08:37AM PST - LG introduces also a proprietary HDR format HLG PRO and HDR10 PRO

08:37AM PST - These include better handling of metadata.

08:38AM PST - NanoCell technology promises to improve high gamut content at better viewing angles.

08:39AM PST - Wider viewing angles usually come at a colour saturation cost, the new TVs vastly reduce the washed out images in these scenarios.

08:41AM PST - LG is now showing off some concept robots implementing "AI" use-cases.

08:44AM PST - I keenly remember similar prototype robots over a decade ago... not sure what LG's angle is here.

08:45AM PST - And that was a wrap for LG's press conference at this year's CES.

08:46AM PST - The take-away is LG's increased efforts in voice assistant implementations throughout various home appliance product lineups in 2018.

08:47AM PST - Machine learning will help augment the experience and LG's ThinkQ AI ecosystem promises to be open and inter-operable with third-parties.

08:47AM PST - Thanks for being with us today!

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  • Bullwinkle-J-Moose - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    Where are the dumb fridges Toasters and TV's without Internet connectivity

    I want one of THOSE!
  • A5 - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    All the appliances are super high end stuff you'll never see in a normal home.

    If you want a dumb TV, just don't setup the network. The panels in smart TVs are much better, and no, the network hardware is not a big cost driver.
  • Bullwinkle-J-Moose - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    " If you want a dumb TV, just don't setup the network. "

    Why pay more for a networked toaster if you want to disconnect the network

    Just sell me a toaster!
  • jordanclock - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    Then buy a new toaster. There are plenty of them on the market with all sorts of features.

    You and ddrive are some of the biggest whiners about new technology I've ever seen on a tech site.
  • jvl - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    Jeez. This must have been agonizing..

    This company needs to either get their sh*t together or concentrate on old-school stuff (i.e. die)
  • ToTTenTranz - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    Did LG just make a CES presentation mostly about fridges, AC units and wash machines?
  • andychow - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    "David asks what's his schedule for his day - going to the gym, ThinkQ sets the sports wear configuration on the washing machine."

    That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever read.
  • HStewart - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    I understand it is only Monday, but so far this CES seems rather boring to me. But we still have the rest of CES and I believe the major changes are coming in Q2 of 2018 and not Q1
  • imaheadcase - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    Wtf was that. Did LG just take shrooms all year? They are trying to push products no one wants or needs. This is a prime example of just because you can, does not mean you should.

    The funny part is they actually said simplify lives. Like are you serious LG. All that shit is just more distractions in life you dont need.

    They are also misusing AI constantly. None of that is AI. Its simply a program.
  • imaheadcase - Monday, January 8, 2018 - link

    Oh nevermind that when one of those products breaks you are SoL. You think LG is going to fix that fucking pos dryer/washer fast? When it breaks because of all the "technology" crammed in it you wont be able to wash a fucking pair of socks for work because the sensor is going to fucking bork out and say its a cover from bed and do a 60min rinse cycle. Then tell the fucking microwave from LG that it is getting that cover in it instead of dryer.

    Why? Because fuck you is why. That is what dryer will tell you.

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