Accessing the internet is one of the most basic tasks for any computer, but webpages in 2020 are incredibly complex so how the browser interprets the code and renders it as a viewable webpage is no simple task. Modern browsers have both a rendering or layout engine, as well as a scripting engine, and both factor into how well the browser can handle any particular task.

Chrome 15 Released to Stable Channel

Six weeks after the release of Chrome 14, Google today released Chrome 15.0.874.102 to the stable channel - current Chrome users should be getting it now or soon, and...

27 by Andrew Cunningham on 10/25/2011

Firefox 7.0 Released

Has it already been six weeks since Firefox 6.0 was released? Apparently so, since Firefox 7.0 has just been made available for Windows, OS X, and Linux users to...

23 by Andrew Cunningham on 9/27/2011

Google Chrome 14 Hits Stable Channel

Google Chrome 14 has just made the switch from the beta channel to the stable channel, meaning that the new update is quietly replacing Chrome 13 on many of...

18 by Andrew Cunningham on 9/16/2011

Firefox 6.0 Released

In keeping with its new accelerated release schedule, Mozilla released the stable version of Firefox 6.0 to Windows, Mac, and Linux users today, just over seven weeks after the...

31 by Andrew Cunningham on 8/16/2011

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