11:53AM EDT - That's all from us for the presentations, we'll write up these announcements in due course!

11:51AM EDT - Looks like it's the sum-up video now

11:51AM EDT - SP3 has had time to validate for business for sure

11:51AM EDT - I wonder the depth of the HP/Dell reselling deal is, if it's SP3 only right now or extends to the latest

11:50AM EDT - $1500 is more Thinkpad style. I wonder if MS will work with HP/Dell to sell these to business

11:49AM EDT - Might be worth thinking that the Surface Book might cannibalise SP4 sales. But they're two very different price points - $900 for SP4 vs $1500 for SB

11:48AM EDT - 'Reinventing productivity'

11:46AM EDT - Preorders for a lot of these start tomorrow, so MS Store is still SP3 right now

11:45AM EDT - Brett should have some hands on time for the rest of the day hopefully. We'll get more info on the product options

11:44AM EDT - Talking Windows 10

11:43AM EDT - 'Moving people from meeting Windows, to choosing Windows'

11:41AM EDT - Satya Nadella on stage

11:41AM EDT - The hinge looks good, but it's a bit bulky perhaps. Looks a little odd?

11:40AM EDT - I wonder what the separation is between base and tablet

11:40AM EDT - Did I mention it was up to 1TB storage / 16GB DRAM

11:39AM EDT - Musclewire locking

11:39AM EDT - The base extends due to the hinge,improves the laptopness

11:38AM EDT - It must do it on the fly

11:38AM EDT - Must use a PCIe switch like that MSI laptop, but it does it on the fly

11:37AM EDT - So GPU in the base

11:36AM EDT - Sharing some around in the crowd

11:36AM EDT - So there's CPU/GPU in the screen and keyboard? Or am I being confused

11:36AM EDT - USB ports in the bottom

11:35AM EDT - 1.6 pounds

11:34AM EDT - Even with the hinge it's a 2-in 1? wait, what?

11:34AM EDT - Body is machined Magnesium

11:33AM EDT - No USB 3.1

11:33AM EDT - Wait, is that a mDP or a Thunderbolt port?

11:32AM EDT - Doesn't say what DRAM/storage segments

11:32AM EDT - Pre-order Oct 7th, Avail 26th

11:32AM EDT - Starts at $1499

11:32AM EDT - so how much?

11:31AM EDT - So an aluminium billet design machined to fit

11:30AM EDT - Editing videos on the Surface Book

11:29AM EDT - 300 MBps transfer over the dock

11:28AM EDT - ok

11:28AM EDT - Aha, it's for the Surface dock

11:28AM EDT - So Core i5?

11:28AM EDT - wait what?

11:28AM EDT - '2 more processors than MBP'

11:27AM EDT - I still want to know what that port on the side was

11:27AM EDT - Interesting battery layout

11:26AM EDT - 'Fastest 13-inch laptop pound for pound'

11:25AM EDT - Compile with CPU and GPU ?

11:25AM EDT - 12 hour battery life

11:25AM EDT - 5-point touch

11:24AM EDT - Glass trackpad

11:24AM EDT - 1.6mm travel

11:23AM EDT - Same glass as Pro 4

11:23AM EDT - Pen and Touch

11:23AM EDT - PixelSense

11:23AM EDT - 13.5-inch, 267 PPI

11:22AM EDT - What is that port on the side?

11:22AM EDT - Sorry, 'Surface Book'

11:22AM EDT - USB Type-A ports

11:22AM EDT - I assume Skylake


11:21AM EDT - That hinge

11:21AM EDT - The SurfaceBook

11:21AM EDT - 'The ultimate laptop'

11:21AM EDT - So a larger clamshell Surface?

11:20AM EDT - A Laptop Surface ?!

11:20AM EDT - New product coming

11:20AM EDT - or cost of keyboard / pen

11:20AM EDT - Doesn't say what config that is

11:20AM EDT - Avail Oct 26th

11:20AM EDT - Preorder Oct 7th

11:20AM EDT - $899

11:19AM EDT - No mention of the kickstand yet

11:18AM EDT - Fingerprint sensor

11:17AM EDT - Video on how Hello works in a multi-user family

11:17AM EDT - Now Windows Hello

11:16AM EDT - 5 color options

11:16AM EDT - 40% larger trackpad

11:16AM EDT - 1.3mm travel

11:15AM EDT - New switches

11:15AM EDT - Lighter and Thinner

11:15AM EDT - New Type Cover

11:14AM EDT - 2000 parts in SP4, 500 unique

11:13AM EDT - Surface Docking station

11:13AM EDT - Is that Core M? Or something more?

11:12AM EDT - SP4 is 50%faster than MBA

11:11AM EDT - SP4 is 30% faster than SP3

11:11AM EDT - B HB H 2H

11:10AM EDT - with interchangeable tips

11:10AM EDT - Surface Pen comes in 5 colors

11:09AM EDT - Lightroom, Illustrator all pen enabled

11:08AM EDT - Seemless integration with the Lumia 950

11:07AM EDT - The stage lights make the screen look washed out...

11:07AM EDT - Pen is attached magnetically

11:06AM EDT - Sounded like it's not a rechargable pen? Replacable battery then

11:06AM EDT - A full year of battery life

11:05AM EDT - Is this from the N-trig arrangement?

11:05AM EDT - 50% of SP3 users have a Pen

11:05AM EDT - Now comes with eraser

11:04AM EDT - Surface Pen

11:04AM EDT - The Microsoft G5 chipset

11:04AM EDT - custom chipset for it

11:04AM EDT - thinnest optical stack ever

11:03AM EDT - PixelSense

11:02AM EDT - LCD Gates into the panel

11:02AM EDT - 267 PPI

11:02AM EDT - 5 million pixels

11:02AM EDT - 3:2

11:02AM EDT - 'Thinnest Core PC ever'

11:01AM EDT - Surface Pro 4

11:01AM EDT - Up to 16GB DRAM 1 TB storage

11:01AM EDT - Skylake inside

11:01AM EDT - Hybrid cooled system

11:00AM EDT - New switch type

11:00AM EDT - 1024-levels of pen pressure

11:00AM EDT - 12.3-inch

11:00AM EDT - 8.4mm

11:00AM EDT - New Surface now

11:00AM EDT - 'Bring the Thunder' or 'Reinvent the category'

11:00AM EDT - 'Competitors are chasing it'

10:59AM EDT - '98% of SP3 users recommend it'

10:59AM EDT - Current gen of Surface used to make the next gen of Surface

10:58AM EDT - Doctors, Engineers, Composers, Students

10:57AM EDT - Now a video of professional use case for Surface

10:56AM EDT - I've noted big discounts in the UK for SP3 this week

10:56AM EDT - 'Momentum with SP3 has been off the charts'

10:55AM EDT - Now Surface

10:55AM EDT - Aslo Lumia 550 at $139 with quad core LTE

10:55AM EDT - 950 at $549, 950XL at $649

10:53AM EDT - Fully transparent PNGs from USB stick loaded into powerpoint running on the phone

10:52AM EDT - Can use the USB ports in the Dock for data drives

10:51AM EDT - All the keyboard shortcuts

10:50AM EDT - Running at 1080p60 on the big monitor

10:50AM EDT - While being used, the phone is still a phone

10:49AM EDT - Full multitasking with the start menu

10:49AM EDT - Office Mobile

10:49AM EDT - Scales to the monitor

10:49AM EDT - Using the mouse, keyboard and monitor

10:48AM EDT - It's the phone doing the work

10:48AM EDT - wow

10:48AM EDT - Phone showing a W10 like dekstop

10:47AM EDT - Microsoft Display Dock

10:47AM EDT - Using the phone like a PC

10:46AM EDT - Windows Hello on the phone now in beta

10:46AM EDT - This is what Anand predicted years ago. Using your phone as a PC

10:46AM EDT - Basically a dock ?

10:45AM EDT - Continuum Now

10:44AM EDT - 50%+ charge in 30 mins

10:44AM EDT - so USB 3.1 Gen 1, aka USB 3.0

10:44AM EDT - 5 Gbps

10:43AM EDT - USB Type-C

10:43AM EDT - up to 256GB microSD

10:43AM EDT - microSD

10:43AM EDT - 32GB storage

10:42AM EDT - 4K video recording

10:41AM EDT - Optical Image Stabilizer 5th Gen

10:41AM EDT - Triple LED RGB flash

10:41AM EDT - Pureview with Zeiss

10:40AM EDT - 564 and 518 PPI

10:39AM EDT - OLED

10:39AM EDT - 5.2-inch and 5.7-inch

10:38AM EDT - Tablet class cooling

10:38AM EDT - Latest Qualcomm tech

10:38AM EDT - Orientation based beam forming

10:38AM EDT - 6-core and 8-core

10:37AM EDT - Liquid cooling?

10:37AM EDT - Two antennas

10:37AM EDT - 950 and 950 XL

10:37AM EDT - Lumia 950 family

10:37AM EDT - 'Consistent experiences across all the devices'

10:36AM EDT - 'The power of Windows Security, Windows Update'

10:36AM EDT - He's wearing an MS Band. And a watch

10:35AM EDT - Lumia first

10:35AM EDT - 'Windows 10 is threading all our devices together'

10:34AM EDT - No other presenter was called out by name, interestingly

10:34AM EDT - Panos Panay on stage

10:34AM EDT - 1000 businesses have chosen Lumia this year

10:34AM EDT - Now Dell/HP sell to businesses

10:33AM EDT - $3.5 billion/yr

10:33AM EDT - 'Tablet that can replace your laptop'

10:33AM EDT - big whoop from the crowd

10:33AM EDT - Now Surface and Lumia

10:32AM EDT - Pre-order for Oct 30th

10:32AM EDT - $249

10:32AM EDT - New link up with Lose It, a calorie tracker

10:31AM EDT - Lots of new partners

10:31AM EDT - for the data

10:31AM EDT - Phone and PC

10:31AM EDT - does your score card (based on GPS?)

10:30AM EDT - Software on top of normal sensors

10:30AM EDT - automatic shot detection

10:30AM EDT - Now golf

10:30AM EDT - 'Delivering tech powered insights'

10:30AM EDT - Values are estimated based on sensors on the band

10:29AM EDT - VO2 max

10:28AM EDT - Constant and immediate access to personal data through Microsoft Health

10:27AM EDT - track exercise and sleep quality

10:27AM EDT - Barometer added for elevation tracking

10:27AM EDT - Tells you if you miss a workout

10:27AM EDT - Cortana integration

10:27AM EDT - Custom notifications

10:26AM EDT - More responsive to touch

10:26AM EDT - Curved screen obviously

10:26AM EDT - Corning Gorilla Glass 3

10:26AM EDT - 'Optimize for individual that works and works out'

10:25AM EDT - scenario based apps

10:25AM EDT - function, hardware, partnerships

10:25AM EDT - Listening to feedback

10:25AM EDT - 'achieve more with Band'

10:22AM EDT - New band

10:22AM EDT - Now Microsoft Band

10:22AM EDT - Avail Q1 2016

10:22AM EDT - $3000

10:21AM EDT - Now taking applications for the Hololens Development kit

10:21AM EDT - Does that mean an airmont custom core... ?

10:21AM EDT - holographic processing unit

10:21AM EDT - custom silicon

10:21AM EDT - Sensors to map the environment

10:21AM EDT - See through HD lenses

10:21AM EDT - 'New computing experiences'

10:20AM EDT - Use a shield

10:19AM EDT - Holograms can react with each other

10:18AM EDT - Robots know where the walls and furniture are

10:18AM EDT - Spatial sound

10:18AM EDT - Wearable holograms

10:17AM EDT - Holograms you can hold

10:17AM EDT - He has a wireless controller

10:17AM EDT - Game is Project XRAY

10:16AM EDT - Every room is a level

10:16AM EDT - Mixed reality gaming on Hololens

10:16AM EDT - New dev project with Hololens on show

10:15AM EDT - Now Hololens

10:15AM EDT - 'Console class graphics'

10:15AM EDT - Halo, Gears of War, Some racing game? Forza?

10:14AM EDT - New xbox advert for the holiday

10:14AM EDT - Works on console and PC

10:13AM EDT - New controller

10:13AM EDT - Halo 5 console with 1TB storage

10:13AM EDT - New limited edition consoles

10:13AM EDT - Also backwards compatibility coming

10:12AM EDT - All XB1 upgraded to W10

10:12AM EDT - Now talking Xbox One games for holiday season

10:12AM EDT - 'Create and reinvent categories'

10:11AM EDT - But today is Microsoft

10:11AM EDT - Devices unveiled over next few weeks from partners

10:11AM EDT - They're going after consumers and verticals

10:11AM EDT - New devices

10:10AM EDT - Business customers moving to W10 faster than any previous OS

10:10AM EDT - 8 million business PCs running W10

10:09AM EDT - Facebook will be building universal Windows apps for FB, Instagram and Messenger

10:09AM EDT - More time spent in Netflix app than Netflix website

10:08AM EDT - 1 billion visits to the app store

10:08AM EDT - 1 billion questions about W10 asked

10:08AM EDT - 120 years of gameplay streamed from Xbox to W10

10:07AM EDT - 110 million devices now on W10

10:07AM EDT - 10 weeks since Win 10

10:07AM EDT - And it begins

10:06AM EDT - Brett is on site, but the WiFi isn't working so great. Ian and others watching too

10:06AM EDT - Microsoft Event is just starting

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  • tipoo - Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - link

    "That's we we call 'Console Class Graphics.'" Nice Apple burn there, Myerson.
  • lilmoe - Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - link

    haha, true that.
  • blackcrayon - Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - link

    Guess they needed something considering they're bothering to tell us how many "visits" to their app store.
  • Michael Bay - Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - link

    As if Apple didn`t pester everyone with those bullshit numbers before.
  • edzieba - Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - link

    The use of a false FoV for Hololens demonstrations still irritates me. It's difficult enough explaining the current state of VR and AR optics without outright false public demonstrations muddying the water.
  • nathanddrews - Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - link

    Personally, I prefer it to the alternative, which would be to show it from the perspective of the wearer, which would fail to capture what Hololens is doing with the rest of the room, Pi robots, physical accessories, etc. while you're looking only at one particular AR target. The main takeaway is that the only way to really know what any AR/VR headset is like is to actually use it.
  • edzieba - Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - link

    Culling the external synthesised camera view to the view frustrum of the Hololens wearer would both show how the 'holograms' are embedded in the environment AND how much of them the wearer can actually see.
  • Wolfpup - Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - link

    Wow, all 3 phones sound awesome. My primary issue is the same as always...will these start getting monthly security updates from *MICROSOFT*, not the phone company?

    If so, I can tooooooooootally see replacing my mom's Surface 1 at some point with a Windows Phone...I mean she already uses a Windows Phone, but one of these you can plug in and actually use as a (presumably limited) PC! I wonder why they didn't upgrade the Surface 1 and 2 though to Windows 10 mobile or whatever...
  • nathanddrews - Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - link

    As long as I don't have to dress up like that douchey-looking guy, I'll gladly buy a 950XL.
  • wperry - Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - link

    Is their Insider program still going? If so, you can sign up, download the app and it side-steps the carriers as far as updates are concerned. That worked wonderfully to get my old 928 out from under the thumb of Verizon.

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