03:15PM EST - That seems to be all! Thanks for following!

03:15PM EST - Q: Are you making money on the Moto G? A: Yes. With Lenovo we will have the ability to improve our customer facing costs

03:09PM EST - Q:"Will the smart watch run Android?" A: "All I can comment is stay tuned, it won't be running Tizen"

03:08PM EST - "Isn't it time for a new model?" "Stay tuned"

03:08PM EST - "Days of 650 dollar smartphones are coming to an end"

03:08PM EST - "Do you plan to go into the high end?" "We believe consumers will benefit from having high end phones at lower prices"

03:06PM EST - "As a part of Google, it was very hard to do business in China, very different with Lenovo"

03:06PM EST - "Will Moto X or Moto G come to China soon?" "No plans yet"

03:05PM EST - Best done by core Google team (Ara)

03:04PM EST - Q: Project Ara. A: We still have a great relationship with the ATAP group, we will follow closely the developments of Ara

03:03PM EST - Answer: Motomaker implementation for Mexico: no details on who, but we want to launch Q2

03:03PM EST - Question: The launch in Mexico for the Moto X

03:02PM EST - They want to make Motomaker as available as possible

03:01PM EST - There's too much echo, media are being asked to approach the stage to ask questions

03:01PM EST - "it was time to decide whether Google was going to focus on hardware or focus on strengthening Motorola and Lenovo"

03:00PM EST - The guy is a journalist from the Register

03:00PM EST - A guy literally just walked up to the mic and said the people on stage don't understand Motorola

02:55PM EST - Now time for journalist Q&A

02:54PM EST - Q: Any truth to using Windows Phone? A: We are committed to Android

02:52PM EST - Q: When is the next version of the Moto X coming? A: Sometime in the summer!

02:51PM EST - A: We are planning! These will be announced in due course. We released the wood backs but there should be more to come

02:51PM EST - Q: More options in Moto Maker

02:50PM EST - "A: We got a long term view of the mobile industry, and with Lenovo we can continue this to be a significant player in the mobile markets"

02:49PM EST - "Q: What impression did Google make?"

02:49PM EST - Now to questions from Twitter

02:47PM EST - "A: Lenovo are very interested in our product portfolio and we hope it will continue in this direction"

02:47PM EST - "Q: Why would Lenovo be interested in this product line?"

02:47PM EST - "We want to make it more a piece of jewellery rather than ugly tech"

02:46PM EST - "We want to solve user problems, especially in style and design"

02:46PM EST - "We are developing a watch in 2014"

02:46PM EST - "A: We are strong with sensor development which paves the way for wearables in 2014"

02:45PM EST - "Q: What can we expect other than smartphones in the future?"

02:43PM EST - "When the first Apple smartphone shipped, the high end smartphone market fixated at $600"

02:42PM EST - "Not only have we been upgrading quickly, but also enhancing the experience"

02:42PM EST - "We won 32 'Best Of' awards from reviewers in 2013"

02:40PM EST - "Our approach to deployment is independent to the new Lenovo ownership and will continue"

02:40PM EST - "We have been held to the same standards as any other OEM regarding Android deployment"

02:39PM EST - "By keeping a streamlined approach, Moto G and the like can outperform other higher products in the marketplace"

02:39PM EST - "We are able to ship Android upgrades faster than anyone else"

02:38PM EST - They just said pure Google experience will stay whether they are a Google company or not

02:36PM EST - "Users want to express themselves"

02:36PM EST - First: UK, Germany and Mexico

02:36PM EST - Moto Maker is being rolling out in Europe and Mexico in Q2

02:35PM EST - We see a lot of choices in phone design

02:35PM EST - Moto X was put out to set to fix several user problems including voice to enable use of new features

02:34PM EST - "We have no compromise - we'd never pursue a $25 smartphone if it was followed with the words 'but' "

02:33PM EST - Talking about Moto G details and the low end

02:33PM EST - "Q: What have you done differently"

02:32PM EST - It's very hard to hear clearly here. Big echo, large delay

02:31PM EST - Q: What would you have done differently?

02:31PM EST - "Same character length for Google and Lenovo"

02:30PM EST - "We have a good mobile portfolio"

02:30PM EST - Motorola is very strong in developing markets

02:29PM EST - "With Lenovo we have an opportunity to partner on mobile to a larger degree"

02:28PM EST - Also access to new technology

02:28PM EST - It's the ability to ramp products quickly and drive pricing down

02:28PM EST - A: We're talking about scale

02:28PM EST - Why Motorola and Lenovo

02:28PM EST - Initial question: Why Motorola?

02:27PM EST - Mark used to manage Kindle supply chain, now 2 yrs at Motorola

02:26PM EST - Steve is explaining his history, started promoting Android 8 years ago

02:26PM EST - There is a two second delay between talking and out of the speaker, hard to hear exactly

02:25PM EST - Executive team tonight: Steve Arwent, Mark Randall and Rick Osterloh

02:24PM EST - Starting

02:10PM EST - Obviously no list of slides, so more of a discussion and Q&A

02:07PM EST - Brian just joined us :) Slight delay, should be starting at quarter past the hour we think

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  • windraver - Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - link

    Can someone ask them if they'll make another QWERTY phone? Droid Maxx/Moto X + QWERTY?
  • cwolf78 - Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - link

    I hear ya! The OG Moto Droid was my first Android phone. God I *LOVED* that thing. The main reason I had to upgrade was the 256 MB of internal storage. But overclocking it from the stock 550 MHz to 1.2 GHz was a breeze. Wish current smartphones were that awesome.
  • dragonsqrrl - Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - link

    ... that's RAM, not storage.
  • synaesthetic - Thursday, February 27, 2014 - link

    Actually pretty sure the OG Droid and its contemporaries had only 192 or 256mb of internal NAND storage for apps. This was back in the days when every Android phone had an sdcard slot.
  • Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer - Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - link

    The $650 smartphone days are already over for me...$100 off-contract buys me more than enough functionality.

    In fairness, it is hard to imagine that we'd have gotten where we are without high-end, contract-subsidized devices pioneering the way. I'm ready to reap the benefits at the other end of the price spectrum, though.
  • phantomtofu - Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - link

    I was hoping there would be a Moto X sequel. That will likely be what I upgrade to when my S3 dies, assuming it's similar to the current one.
  • bhima - Friday, February 28, 2014 - link

    Motorola will continue their near-stock Android experience.

    Phew! Dodged that bullet... I can stay with Moto for the long haul then.
  • fteoath64 - Monday, March 3, 2014 - link

    This is very important to many people to have the stock Google experience rather than any skinned version that might look attractive but not as usable as they should be. Many people would want to customise the phone to their hearts content. Very few leave it at the stock level look. Even changing the theme might make a phone look different than stock. That is easy to do unlike a certain fruity phone that cannot have themes .....
  • RAYBOYD44 - Monday, March 3, 2014 - link

    just as Eleanor answered I am blown away that a person can get paid $5432 in four weeks on the computer . browse around this site W­ o­

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