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This week looked good going in, and we were really excited to get our hands on more Weezer, Garbage, and Stone Temple Pilots. While I was most excited about the STP song, I've got to say that it also let me down the most. Maybe it was because I had built it up in my head, but really the Garbage and Weezer songs translated better to Rock Band. Read on to see why.

Garbage :: Why Do You Love Me (Moderate Songs)

Difficulty: This one is a bit tricky. There are some interesting fills and one longish hi-hat roll that sneaks up on you out of no where. The transitions can be quite difficult to nail as well. This is on par for a moderate song.

Experience: This song was a lot of fun. The quirky transitions and variety of the song really keep it fresh and fun while playing. It's not simplistic but it isn't incredibly hard either. While not the best Garbage song out there (my opinion is definitive right?), this is a song that fans will love, and others will enjoy playing. We'll call it a tie between this song and the Weezer offering for our pick of the week.

Stone Temple Pilots :: Sex Type Thing (Moderate Songs)

Difficulty: This one isn't very hard at all. There are a couple rolls and fills here and there that might be considered tough to master, but this is definitely not a hard song to get an ok.

Experience: Meh. And that's coming from someone who likes the song. Yes, it's driving, but it's just really repetitive without being very engaging. The feel of the quarter note open hi-hat hits just doesn't translate well from a real drum kit to Rock Band, and the simplistic 2/2 snare and bass drum beat for most of the verses is just not compelling. The guitar was the same mostly repetitive and not really fun. If you love STP, you might like the song. Otherwise, this one is a pass.

Weezer: El Scorcho (Apprentice Songs)

Difficulty: Okay, so I had played this with a band without ever really hearing the original, so I found it a bit tough to unlearn. I've gotta say, Weezer did it better. It's not that hard, but it isn't just a simple song either. For an apprentice song it isn't so easy that it's boring, and there are a couple cool fills and transitions that will make you squint a bit.

Experience: Very fun song. For Weezer fans, this one is an absolute must. For others, while some bits of this song are repetitive, they aren't any where near monotonous because they're broken up by the sheer quirkiness of this song. Definitely one to check out. If "Say it Ain't So" was as much a staple of the early Rock Band experience for others as much as it was for us, we have to say that it feels great to play another more difficult Weezer song that carries over a lot of the fun and fond memories we have of playing the first. As mentioned above, this song ties Garbage for our pick of the week.

Pick of the Week:

This week it's a tie bewteen Garbage - Why Do You Love Me and Weezer - El Scorcho.

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  • goinginstyle - Thursday, February 28, 2008 - link

    El Scorcho or The Perfect Drug? Reply
  • DerekWilson - Thursday, February 28, 2008 - link

    If you just wanna have fun playing a song, El Scorcho ... if you like things that are difficult, The Perfect Drug.

    Personally, I'd choose El Scorcho cause I will probably never master The Perfect Drug and it will plague me til the end of time.

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