10:54AM EST - Hello all - today we're here in Las Vegas for the first press conference of this busy Monday. It's LG's turn to talk about the newest developments in their consumer electronics lineup. We're expected to hear from a wide range of products ranging from washing machines to TVs to other new consumer electronics.

10:58AM EST - The event should start in a few short minutes - let's hope the event WiFi holds up with the busy crowd!

10:59AM EST - The event is starting - short intro video.

11:00AM EST - LG CTO Dr. IP Park takes the stage.

11:00AM EST - Talking about the ThinQ branding last year.

11:01AM EST - Connecting all devices together "Intelligent Touchpoint"

11:01AM EST - Talking about the Future AI.

11:02AM EST - Roadmap for the future of AI - talking about how it'll impact the human experience.

11:04AM EST - Talking about different levels of AI - Level 1 is simple input primaries

11:04AM EST - Devices in level 1 have simple sensor capabilities and response functions

11:05AM EST - Small demo such as voice assistant functions.

11:05AM EST - Level 2 onwards are products that are able to learn and adjust their behaviour based on its experiences.

11:06AM EST - An example is your robot vacuum - learning places it gets stuck and then avoid them in further on routes.

11:07AM EST - Voice assistant demo again this time, just that now the assistant personalized based on past preferences and showcases new assistant options.

11:08AM EST - LG calls this casuality learning.

11:08AM EST - Understand why you make your choices, and learn based on those causes.

11:09AM EST - Level 3 is "collective intelligence"

11:09AM EST - Another small voice assistant demo, this time it includes responses and advanced suggestions based on reasoning of what is happening right now to you.

11:10AM EST - Level 4 is "Experitmental Learning"

11:10AM EST - AI can be designed to improve continously.

11:10AM EST - AI that it would be able to draw from new data sources beyond the initial ones its was programmed with.

11:11AM EST - "AI has the potential to become a personal science lab"

11:11AM EST - Level 4 is "Exploration"

11:11AM EST - Finding out what's best for you in terms of the AI responses;

11:14AM EST - LG's motto for 2020 is that "Anywhere is home"

11:15AM EST - "Rethink and reinvest electronics" - to enable new services and solutions

11:16AM EST - "This isn't just an improvement of what we're doing, it's a transformation of our business with our customers"

11:16AM EST - Open innovation around the ThinQ ecosystem for developers.

11:18AM EST - Moving on to home appliances.

11:19AM EST - LG was awarded most reliable brand for appliances.

11:20AM EST - Proactive customer care talking points, how it'll send you notifications based on servicing requirements of your appliances.

11:22AM EST - Proactive customer care is rolling out now. Will have support for 1M+ appliances in the coming months

11:23AM EST - Introducing the new ThinQ washer and dryer. Detecting the weight of the load and selecting the best wash settings based on the contents.

11:23AM EST - AI detection based on contents and adjustments.

11:24AM EST - The washer can connect to the dryer and set up the optimal dryer option based on the current washing load and optimisng the best result.

11:24AM EST - The twin washer has two different washing drums- a the main one, and a small one for small loads.

11:25AM EST - Moving on to the kitchen.

11:26AM EST - First refrigerator with "Craft Ice" - what's craft ice? /outoftheloop

11:27AM EST - So it's able to product ice spheres with clear ice, for your cocktail connaiseur.

11:28AM EST - InstaView Oven with "Air Fry" technology.

11:29AM EST - Moving on to the home entertainment topics.

11:29AM EST - LG OLED the best selling brand for 7 consecutive years;

11:30AM EST - Expanding the 8K TV lineup with new models.

11:31AM EST - LG is taking a shot at various other 8K panel manufacturers which aren't using proper 8K resolution with dedicated subpixels for each logical pixels

11:32AM EST - Uses the alpha9 gen3 SoC powering the 8K experience.

11:32AM EST - Also expanding the LCD NanoCell lineup with 5 new products.

11:33AM EST - NextgenTV is a new broadcast standard for 8K designed for internet streaming service.

11:36AM EST - LG 2020 OLED TVs expand the cinema experience.

11:36AM EST - Introducing the new "Filmmaker mode"

11:37AM EST - Video of various directors explaining about displaying the firm properly as intended by the director on your TV.

11:38AM EST - LG TVs will also support Dolby Vision IQ.

11:39AM EST - Continued support for the latest streaming services through LG's app platform.

11:40AM EST - Talking about LG's new gaming gears.

11:41AM EST - More and more people using their TVs as gaming displays.

11:41AM EST - LG OLED TVs supporting Nvidia G-Sync

11:42AM EST - Because gaming is real-time and is latency sensitive, technologies such as G-Sync are critical.

11:43AM EST - The Nvidia rep is talking about the G-Sync certification programme and how it ensures high quality gaming displays.

11:44AM EST - Nvidia is partnering with LG again to bring G-Sync to big screen TVs so that they pass the G-Sync requirements.

11:45AM EST - BFGDs to your living room - LG OLED TVs are the first to be certified.

11:47AM EST - Introducing a new model with a mere 2cm thickness, without any additional connection box.

11:50AM EST - Talking about a wine cellar - I doubt this covets to too many of our readers.

11:51AM EST - Wrapping up the press conference now. Summarizing the talking points.

11:51AM EST - Thank you all - the next live blog on schedule is Qualcomm in a few hours.

11:51AM EST - Cheers!

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  • coburn_c - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    Yay 48" OLEDS! Boo AI bloatware.
  • creed3020 - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    Level 5: Skynet.
    --Environmental Awareness: Active Seek & Pursuit
    --Collaboration: Machine Only
    --User Understanding: Anticipates, learns, and evolves
    --Autonomy: Self-sustaining and proactively monitors threats across time continuum.
  • R7 - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    Very exited for the 48" OLED model. Hopefully sub 1000€ price. Bit too big for my desktop but ideal to replace my 49" LCD TV.
  • Alistair - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    It's going to be the best "monitor" of the year for sure, we don't need $4000 terrible mini led products. Buy 4 x OLED 48" monitors for the same price as one of those 32" monitors. I'm an OLED convert, it is great for my eyes and looks amazing.
  • Xex360 - Tuesday, January 7, 2020 - link

    LG killed those rubbish so called gaming monitors, they don't even come with HDMI 2.1, quality wise they are way below and they cost a fortune.
  • Valantar - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    So. Much. BS. Jeez.

    If your voice assistant suggests eating lettuce to alleviate stress, chances are that voice assistant (and whatever device it's being used through) won't be long for this world.

    Beyond that I still haven't seen a single use for the buzzword du jour (well, for the past 2-3 years), AI, that takes it beyond "we have a slightly advanced algorithm". Color me unimpressed.

    If "has the actual advertised resolution" is now a selling point for TVs, we have regressed. A pixel in traditional displays is made up of three non-shared subpixels. That really shouldn't be a selling point.
  • Alistair - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    YES!!! The CX 48" is coming!!! I think just the people on the forum I frequent will be buying over 100 of them. Some of them such as myself are already using 55" OLEDs as computer monitors (just do your work in a window if the content is too large, and 120hz is sweet) but we all really want the higher pixel density of the 48" model. Ideally one day a 40" model will come too, but 48 is already a good size smaller.

    I also hope HDMI 2.1 allows Dolby Vision at high framerates and resolutions, right now only HDR10 works at high framerates and 1440p.
  • euler007 - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    Hey, don't skimp on the wine cellar coverage!
  • Zagor Te Nay - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    I must say, everything I have from LG has been working brilliantly. Including 11 years old LCD TV which has been used daily, I'd say at least 6 hours a day on average, probably more. Either my wife or I turn it on as we return from work, and it works until we go to sleep. Even if we don't really watch it, we will change to MTV or other music program and (mostly) ignore video and just listen to music.

    If only they would actually improve on their phones' updates, they would be my favorite electronics company. My G7 ThinQ has received Android 9 in late July 2019. No Android 8 updates, security or otherwise, for 8 months prior. Not a single security update since Android 9 either. Android 9 itself came out polished, I haven't encountered any bugs, glitches... whatsoever. But lack of security updates is really annoying me.
  • AdhesiveTeflon - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    Had 3 LG G4 phones that all had the boot loop issue (Sprint and Verizon G4s were affected.) All the LG G6s I've come across also have bluetooth issues. The vibration on my G6 broke after a month of the phone. Granted it still works as a phone for now so I won't replace it.

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