06:17AM EDT - ASUS' Press Event. For Those Who Dare, apparently. We've got some tasty news lined up, and we're coving the press event with a Live Blog.

06:18AM EDT - Going to start in about 10 minutes

06:18AM EDT - It's a busy event

06:20AM EDT - Today has been busy enough without power that I'm onto my second laptop for battery

06:21AM EDT - ASUS ROG events have had a recent habit of reserving the front rows for their sponsored eSports teams, so we're not at the front

06:21AM EDT - Hopefully the mobile data networks will hold with this many people here

06:21AM EDT - I bumped into this guy a bit earlier

06:23AM EDT - ASUS ROG events are usually very dark and very red. It's hard to focus on anything

06:25AM EDT - Engadget arriving late trying to get past everyone for seats at the front, despite the fact they are all taken

06:26AM EDT - ok there's the 10 minute bell

06:27AM EDT - I think this is the first Computex without Jonney Shih at the helm. We're expecting either Jerry Shen (CEO) or Kris Huang (ROG) to be on the stage

06:27AM EDT - Usually there's a flurry of announcements all in a short space of time too

06:28AM EDT - We were pre-briefed on a few, and the embargo on those will lift in an hour

06:28AM EDT - Although we were told there are a few surprises at the press event to watch out for

06:31AM EDT - 3 minute bell

06:32AM EDT - It is warm in here. Lots of bodies

06:36AM EDT - Cue dramatic music

06:36AM EDT - >Unce unce unce

06:37AM EDT - Starting video

06:38AM EDT - A very movie-like intro. 'In a world where legends aren't born...'

06:38AM EDT - 'Would you dare to make a difference?'

06:38AM EDT - >trope trope cliche

06:39AM EDT - >"He who dares wins Rodney"

06:39AM EDT - Host on the stage

06:40AM EDT - J+Jonney Shih to the stage

06:40AM EDT - In a very Jensun like Leather Jacket

06:41AM EDT - ROG was built to make a lineup of powerful gear to help you win

06:42AM EDT - Nearly three decades of superior products

06:42AM EDT - ROG is the essence of gaming

06:42AM EDT - Take pride in being the leader in this community

06:42AM EDT - passion and persistance into gaming reality

06:43AM EDT - fight for those who dare with the latest and greatest of ROG

06:43AM EDT - Time to get the party started

06:43AM EDT - Kris Huang to the stage

06:44AM EDT - ROG started 12 years ago

06:44AM EDT - since day one created the most innovative PC hardware

06:44AM EDT - this has never changed

06:44AM EDT - not doing just for the gaming hype - we believe we can change the status quo

06:44AM EDT - ROG AIO Coolers

06:45AM EDT - Better cooling and better aesthetic

06:45AM EDT - but our coolers solves the issue of reduced VRM temperature by adding a fan into the pump

06:46AM EDT - Ryujin and Ryuo

06:46AM EDT - OLED displays on both coolers

06:47AM EDT - 1.77-inch LiveDash Color OLED for system stats or custom animations

06:47AM EDT - Noctua fans on the cooler

06:47AM EDT - Ryuo is entry segment

06:47AM EDT - Same quality and panel as Ryujin

06:47AM EDT - Aura Sync

06:47AM EDT - Now PSU

06:48AM EDT - ROG Thor 1200W Platinum

06:48AM EDT - Handle thermals better than standard PSUs

06:48AM EDT - OLED display showing power consumption

06:49AM EDT - Aura Sync

06:49AM EDT - Next routers

06:49AM EDT - 802.11ax Wi-Gig

06:50AM EDT - 11 Gbps tri-band low latency

06:50AM EDT - it's line of sight though

06:50AM EDT - Supports multiple devices better

06:51AM EDT - 2.5 Gbit game port to PC

06:51AM EDT - Prioritization to game servers

06:51AM EDT - >I wonder who that 2.5G is made by

06:52AM EDT - VIdeo time. Showing eSports and fan events

06:53AM EDT - Derek Yu to the stage

06:53AM EDT - Last year at computex we create eSports - ROG Strix

06:54AM EDT - bringing the essentials of eSports to gamers

06:54AM EDT - New generation of laptops

06:54AM EDT - SCAR II for FPS, Hero II for MOBA

06:54AM EDT - Scar II was WASD caps, Hero II has QWER caps

06:55AM EDT - Updated to 2018

06:55AM EDT - This year updated the 120 Hz to 144 Hz with 3ms response time

06:56AM EDT - Invited an eSports player to the stage

06:57AM EDT - Giving experiential about moving to 144 Hz

06:58AM EDT - Also Range Boost for Wi-Fi

06:58AM EDT - Laptop gamers still use Wi-Fi a lot

06:58AM EDT - New version uses 4 antennas, not 2

06:59AM EDT - Aura Sync on laptops

07:00AM EDT - With mice and headset too

07:00AM EDT - 'Dim the lights and watch Aura Sync take center stage'

07:01AM EDT - New Gaming Headset, ROG Delta

07:01AM EDT - Quad DAC - ESS 9218

07:02AM EDT - Precision of audio

07:02AM EDT - HQ sound with high SNR up to 127 dBA

07:02AM EDT - >Assuming the laptop can output at 127 dBa

07:03AM EDT - >127 dBA is likely the SNR of the DAC spec sheet. I wonder if ASUS is just hiding behind that number... ?

07:03AM EDT - Type-C connector

07:03AM EDT - Works in all Type-C devices, like modern flagship smartphones

07:03AM EDT - Now discussing Gaming Phone

07:04AM EDT - Mobile Gaming has been top of the charts for smartphone apps

07:04AM EDT - Mobile gamign is $50b industry

07:04AM EDT - Have to address performance, visuals, and ergonomics

07:05AM EDT - Annnouncing ROG Phone

07:05AM EDT - The embargo on our news on this goes up in 30 mins or so

07:05AM EDT - Up to 8 GB DRAM, 512 GB storage

07:06AM EDT - >STORAGE, NOT ROM. When will Asian companies realise what ROM is ?!?!

07:06AM EDT - Qualcomm to the stage. Don McGuire

07:07AM EDT - More than 2b gamers around the world

07:07AM EDT - More revenue in mobile gaming than theatre

07:07AM EDT - Snapdragon 845

07:08AM EDT - Faster binned CPU. 2.96 GHz compared to 2.8 G standard for S845

07:08AM EDT - Lots of games optimized for snapdragon

07:09AM EDT - Gigabit X20 LTE modem

07:09AM EDT - 60 GHz Wi-Fi

07:10AM EDT - Vapor chamber

07:10AM EDT - >Because the SoC draws a lot of power for a phone

07:10AM EDT - Aeroactive cooler bundled with the smartphone

07:10AM EDT - Adds fan to rear of the phone

07:11AM EDT - Better sustained performance

07:11AM EDT - Goign over the top a little bit more

07:11AM EDT - Has a USB Type-C and 3.5mm jack on the cooler for charging and audio

07:12AM EDT - Gaming mode - no interruption, increased perf, frees up DRAM

07:14AM EDT - 90 Hz AMOLED with dedicated HDR image processor. 108% DCI-P3, 10000:1 contrast

07:15AM EDT - 1ms response time

07:15AM EDT - Highest AMOLED refresh rate

07:16AM EDT - Ultrasonic air triggers that act like shoulder buttons

07:16AM EDT - Can map onscreen controls to the air triggers

07:16AM EDT - Similar technology to HTC Squeeze but in controller locations

07:16AM EDT - Advanced vibration

07:16AM EDT - Haptic feedback is directional - shot from left and the left of the phone vibrates etc

07:17AM EDT - Working with Free Fire Battlegrounds

07:17AM EDT - Free Fire person to the stage

07:19AM EDT - Free Fire has 100m users already

07:19AM EDT - 230k Thai players at Garina World, a Free Fire convention

07:20AM EDT - "Playing Free Fire on the ROG Phone will be nothing like you have experienced before"

07:20AM EDT - >wat

07:22AM EDT - Landscape is important for games and eSports

07:22AM EDT - >What about muh Candy Crush

07:22AM EDT - eSports team to the stage now

07:23AM EDT - >These guys fulfilling their sponsorship requirements

07:23AM EDT - "This product is very amazing"

07:25AM EDT - It's exciting to unveil the exciting new phone

07:26AM EDT - >Still a few minutes to the news embargo, even though it's been on stage

07:28AM EDT - Mobile Desktop Dock for gaming at a desk with a monitor

07:28AM EDT - ASUS WiGig Dock

07:30AM EDT - Wi-Gig dock using 802.11ad

07:30AM EDT - Now a live demo

07:31AM EDT - Under 20ms response time

07:32AM EDT - Twin View Dock

07:34AM EDT - Some gamers play two games at the same time

07:34AM EDT - Also allows users to answer messages while playing, or dual screen gaming

07:35AM EDT - ROG is a high pressure brand to break the boundaries every generation

07:35AM EDT - product video for ROG Phone now

07:39AM EDT - Looks like that's a wrap. Our smartphone news can be found at https://www.anandtech.com/show/12853/asus-rog-goes-for-gaming-smartphones-rog-phone-with-speedbinned-snapdragon-845

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  • edzieba - Monday, June 4, 2018 - link

    "but our coolers solves the issue of reduced VRM temperature by adding a fan into the pump"
    So copying the Cryorig A40 then.
    I guess if Asus want to slap cosmetic plastic greebles onto their motherboards rather than using /actual heatsinks/ (hey Asus, remember /fins/?) then they need all the cooling help they can get.
  • Alistair - Monday, June 4, 2018 - link

    "90 Hz AMOLED with dedicated HDR image processor. 108% DCI-P3, 10000:1 contrast"

    YES! I won't buy a new phone unless it is >= 90hz + OLED :)
  • zodiacfml - Monday, June 4, 2018 - link

    When I saw the RoG smartphone on the frontpage, I start to think whether ASUS will consider an RoG branded cooler and PSU as they pretty much build anything while brands such as Corsair has success with these peripherals. Previous that, I was looking at a Corsair AiO 360mm in Amazon and genuinely surprised with the number of reviews/sales considering how expensive it is.

    What else? RoG fans, tempered glass cases, RoG RGB PC lights, RoG RGB LED light for the gaming room, RoG USB fan for the sweaty hands, RoG cables, SSDs, RAM, RoG compressed air dust blower, thermal paste, RoG gaming underwear....
  • The Chill Blueberry - Thursday, June 7, 2018 - link

    They used to make ram, I'm pretty sure I've seen some before. And I bet you can find underwear though I'm not sure it's an official branding thing.
  • dipuu - Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - link

    Very good article! We are linking to this particularly great article on our site. Keep up the great writing. <a href="http://seg2011.com/">know more</a>

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