04:05AM EDT - This event is busy

04:10AM EDT - The event should start at 1030 local

04:11AM EDT - Incidentally, I'm trying this Live Blog on the Matebook and a Mate 8 for images

04:11AM EDT - The Matebook is sliding off of my legs when using the keyboard folio

04:12AM EDT - There's no real comfortable position to live blog on a 2-in-1

04:12AM EDT - #reviewerproblems

04:16AM EDT - Tablet mode is more comfortable but slower

04:31AM EDT - Here we go, it's starting

04:32AM EDT - At the last Huawei / honor event, Brooklyn Beckham was on stage

04:33AM EDT - Huawei has launched devices at the last 6 years of IFA

04:33AM EDT - Richard Yu, CEO on stage

04:34AM EDT - 'Bring meaningful technology to everyone'

04:34AM EDT - Last year was Kirin 950

04:34AM EDT - half-year lead on 16nm

04:35AM EDT - Jan 2016 was the Mate 8

04:35AM EDT - Feb 2016 was the Matebook

04:36AM EDT - April 2016 was the P9

04:37AM EDT - 60.5M smartphones sold in H1 2016 + 25 YoY

04:37AM EDT - ASP is increasing

04:38AM EDT - New mid tier products

04:38AM EDT - Huawei NOVA

04:38AM EDT - No compromise on tachnology

04:39AM EDT - NOVA and NOVA Plus

04:39AM EDT - Nova and nova plus

04:40AM EDT - Nova and nova plus

04:40AM EDT - USB Type-C

04:40AM EDT - Nova is 5-inch FHD

04:40AM EDT - One looks like P9, one looks like Mate 8, on the rear

04:41AM EDT - Keeping the same Huawei design ID with 2.5D glass and diamond cut finishes

04:42AM EDT - 1.8mm bezel

04:42AM EDT - 443 PPI, in-cell display

04:42AM EDT - 1500:1 contrast ratio ?!

04:43AM EDT - Blue mode in software adjusts the LUT to reduce blue light

04:44AM EDT - 'Rose gold for lady selection'... really?

04:44AM EDT - rose gold is region specific

04:44AM EDT - Nova is aiming squarely at Galaxy A5

04:45AM EDT - 14nm S625 with 8xA53 at 2 GHz

04:45AM EDT - 3020mAh battery on Nova

04:45AM EDT - 5V2A fast charge

04:46AM EDT - 5hrs POkemon go battery

04:47AM EDT - New fingerprint sensor, 'level 4'

04:47AM EDT - detects ridge depth

04:48AM EDT - Dual nano-sim, 7 4G bands

04:48AM EDT - Up to 128GB microSD certified

04:48AM EDT - Carrier specific models will only have single sim

04:49AM EDT - DTS audio codec

04:49AM EDT - Also, the NOVA Plus

04:50AM EDT - Camera in the middle of th eback

04:50AM EDT - 5.5-inch phone

04:50AM EDT - bigger battery

04:50AM EDT - Similar colors

04:50AM EDT - 2.5D glass

04:51AM EDT - 3340mAh battery

04:52AM EDT - Now onto user experience

04:52AM EDT - Supports Huawei Knuckle gestures

04:53AM EDT - I covered Knuckle with my Mate S Force Touch video

04:53AM EDT - One-touch control

04:53AM EDT - Document readjust

04:54AM EDT - THis is a good feature. I use it a lot in presentations

04:54AM EDT - Now a 'selfie expert' on stage

04:55AM EDT - Xenia Tchoumi

04:55AM EDT - she described herself as a 'social influencer'

04:57AM EDT - 'Our phone is an integral part of photographing our breakfast'

04:59AM EDT - Nova and Nova Plus has 'Beautifier' Mode 3.0

05:01AM EDT - Face recognition for beautify presets

05:05AM EDT - 0.3s auto focus

05:05AM EDT - OIS on the NOVA Plus

05:06AM EDT - 4K video record

05:06AM EDT - Still image extraction

05:07AM EDT - 1000 images on a single charge

05:09AM EDT - now discussing battery anxienty

05:09AM EDT - anxiety

05:10AM EDT - A few more devices to show

05:11AM EDT - wait, this is a video recap

05:12AM EDT - OK so NOVA pricing/launch first

05:13AM EDT - a new P9 color announcement first

05:14AM EDT - electric blue and fire red it looks like from the video

05:14AM EDT - Pokemon reference, I choose you!

05:15AM EDT - The blue doesn't look blue

05:15AM EDT - red looks red though

05:15AM EDT - OK so now new tablet

05:16AM EDT - MediaPad M3 with Kirin 950

05:17AM EDT - harmon/kardon

05:17AM EDT - micro-USB

05:17AM EDT - 16:10 display, 2560x1600

05:17AM EDT - 5100 mAh battery

05:18AM EDT - Pictures are uploading slow

05:18AM EDT - Fingerprint control

05:19AM EDT - AKM HiFi earbuds

05:19AM EDT - Dual 1W speakers

05:20AM EDT - CEO of harman to the stage

05:21AM EDT - Now some background to harmon and the harmon/Huawei relationship

05:23AM EDT - AKG is a harmon brand

05:25AM EDT - M3 will have an eye-care mode for blue light as well

05:25AM EDT - Headphones for M3 sold seperately

05:26AM EDT - Now pricing

05:27AM EDT - 400 euro for 3/32 variant of nova

05:27AM EDT - similar to honor 8

05:27AM EDT - Nova plus is 429 for 3/32

05:27AM EDT - That's with sales tax included

05:28AM EDT - Blue and Red variants of P9 are 549 for 3/32

05:28AM EDT - Mediapad from 349 with 4/32 wifi

05:29AM EDT - New NOVA brand video

05:29AM EDT - They've licenced that pop song from Zootopia for it

05:33AM EDT - That's a wrap!

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  • Groohmsch - Thursday, September 1, 2016 - link

    The Niva phones sound interesting indeed. What I miss is an expansion slot...
  • markrangel - Sunday, April 26, 2020 - link

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  • ClockHound - Thursday, September 1, 2016 - link

    With the emphasis on the technologically advanced selfie-cam tho, seems I'm not the target demographic for a new personality-cult Nova phone.

    IPS or OLED screen? Would have been nice to know - altho my mug gets no upgrade from either display tech.

    Kudos to Ian for having the patience and buttocksian fortitude to sit through these self-important sloganeering festivals that defy all expectations of marketing drivel gone wild.
  • Stacy36167 - Saturday, September 3, 2016 - link

    That Xenia Tchoumi woman.

    Am I the only one who noted her HEELS? How does she even stand in them? <cries a little>
  • virginia12 - Monday, July 17, 2017 - link

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