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Samsung spent comparatively little time talking about the Galaxy S 4 hardware and instead chose to focus mostly on software. While Android 4.2.2 is the underlying OS, Samsung’s customizations are very visible and present throughout the Galaxy S 4 experience.

The user interface and experience is distinctly Samsung. The Touchwiz icon stylings and water sounds that permeate the experience remain intact and mostly unchanged. UI performance is finally at the point on most of these modern devices where it’s just amazingly smooth throughout everything. The Galaxy S 4 is no exception here.

Samsung spent a lot of time adding functionality to its camera app, which now includes the ability to shoot stills and video out of both cameras simultaneously. This is similar in nature to an LG feature we covered last month at MWC, Samsung calls it Dual Camera.

Dual Camera is very easy to activate (there’s a dedicated button in the top left of the camera app). Once activated you can choose from various filters/effects, including a basic split screen mode.

As a way of enhancing stills, Samsung includes support for Sound & Shot - a feature that captures up to 9 seconds of audio alongside a still image.

There’s a new mode dial that allows you to switch between shooting modes, including some new ones like drama shot which lets you take multiple stills in a burst mode and combine them all together to show character progression in a still frame.

Burst shooting can also be used to erase a photo bomb with eraser mode, a feature we’ve seen before (highlight and remove a character from a scene).

On the video side, the Galaxy S 4 introduces Cinema Photo - a feature that lets you shoot a video, highlight areas that you want to continue in motion and have the rest remain static - resulting in an animated gif.

In its final new camera feature is the ability to create, group and stylize albums of your photos. You can create albums locally on the Galaxy S 4, style them with templates, and send them off to print via Blurb. There’s Trip Advisor integration to pull in highlight information about the locations you’ve taken photos at.

The camera software features are aimed at bringing as much of the photo processing/organization experience onto the smartphone as possible. Samsung clearly has the point and shoot market in its crosshairs and it is leveraging the fact that modern smartphones are sophisticated computing platforms in order to go after that market.

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  • ammar - Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - link

    Wonderful review! Thanks for sharing and writing such a detailed hands-on experience.
  • jon2281 - Thursday, April 4, 2013 - link

    This is why a removable battery Is extremely useful and necessary =
    keep in mind this is for the galaxy S3 but I'm sure some company would create something similar for the S4. and Let's not forget about the microSD card =
    Throw in 128GB SDXC card and you sir have yourself a monster of a phone =D
  • Brizone - Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - link

    This smartphone is good I admit it. But I just hate the fact that Samsung fanboys is so God Damn annoying, thinking their device is superior to everything else. Maybe this is the result of their savvy marketing in my country.. eliminating their competitors by creating as many fanboys as possible. Not seldom they mock my HTC for not having any removable battery or expandable storage which is pointless. They didn't know I have over 30 gb of cloud storage which replaces the function of internal memory. Also I've never ever had any problems with battery, at the end of the day it still have 10-20% power remaining from normal usage. And if I used it heavily I have no problem finding usb ports for charging, heck I can even use my own power bank...

    So basically it's not Samsung company I hate, it's their Godforsaken annoying arrogant fanboys which looks down on any other product no matter how better they actually are.
  • clashottcroftmanor - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    seriously you guys will spend Rs.40000+ for a removable battery and sd card slot
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  • kudosify - Monday, August 5, 2013 - link

    wow this is so cool and great tech blog is here ... Thanks for sharing this info here

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