With the Dota 2 coming in the near (yet unannounced) future, Valve’s decided to expand the current beta. Last night, Valve sent emails to many who’d expressed interest, asking them to take part in a survey assessing your hardware and your experience with the original DotA.  You don’t have to have received an email to participate, however, as Valve’s posted the link to the survey right on their official blog.

You’ll need to restart your Steam client for the survey to work (you may also need to post the link into “Run” under the Windows Start menu). It will ask for information about your Internet connection speed and then collect data on your hardware. What then follows is a surprisingly deep survey about your experience with DotA: questions about average gold acquired, average kills, which heroes you use, etc. Neophytes shouldn’t feel ashamed about admitting their ignorance to what any of this means. Valve claims that “the extra data the survey provides will allow us to ensure we invite a wide spread of players.”

To ensure a large mix of early testers, Valve will also be providing two extra copies of Dota 2 to each player selected. You’ll be able to gift these to your friends, which Valve hopes will foster the proper spirit of teamwork necessary for good DotA play.

Valve’s aiming to release Dota 2 before the end of 2011, but if you can’t wait and want in on this expanded beta you can take the survey here.

Source: Valve

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