With the launch of the iPhone today, Josh, Matt and I got together to record some of our thoughts on the launch of the latest Apple devices, as well as the new Apple Watch Series 2. There has been some discussion online regarding the new A10 Fusion SoC, and what exactly those smaller cores are (or how they are being used), as well as new modems and how the company has removed the 3.5mm audio jack.  We found time to record a second podcast at the same time regarding a few other non-Apple devices, so stay tuned as we edit that and upload it soon!

The AnandTech Podcast #38: Smartphones Anonymous (iPhone)


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Total Time:  54 minutes 49 seconds

Outline mm:ss

00:00 - Start
00:39 - The Rush Hour of Apple Events
02:10 - Apple Watch Series 2
08:10 - Does Josh Like Smartwatches
12:32 - Apple iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus
 13:03 - SoC
 22:40 - Modems
 27:58 - No 3.5mm Jack
 33:09 - Benefits of no jack, Touch ID still present
 35:45 - Water resistance
 38:34 - Dual Cameras
 42:36 - High Color Gamut
 44:50 - Displays
 48:20 - Storage and Colors
 51:24 - Pricing
52:35 - Our Review Schedule         
54:49 - FIN

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  • MScrip - Sunday, September 18, 2016 - link

    It still sells like crazy because it still looks great. I've never looked at an iPhone and thought it looked bad.

    Don't forget that the iPhone's screens are 326ppi and 401ppi.

    That's still pretty darn good for a handheld device... even though other phones may have a higher number.
  • Harry_Wild - Thursday, September 22, 2016 - link

    It would be very nice if Apple could bring the smaller size models to 1080p too! The 5 and 6 screens already have that capability, but they are limited by Apple to 720-750ppi.
  • MrMaestro - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - link

    I have some general feedback on this podcast. A number of times statements were made without adequate explanation to me, the listener. As if they were self-evident. A couple of examples I would have liked further explanation: why has Apple gone proper big.LITTLE now in A10?, why is Apple looking at OLED displays and what does that have to do with QHD?

    Ian was pretty good about going back and explaining things but there were a few times I went "wait, what?".

    I hope you guys go deeper in a further podcast, I'd enjoy an episode dedicated to iPhone 7.
  • Cliff34 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - link

    I love the podcast. Just a minor suggestion. Is it possible to increase the audio level of the podcast?

    I listen to it while driving. It is annoying to turn up the volume in order to hear the podcast and the GPS direction is blasting at the same time. Thanks :)
  • pav1 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - link

    I donno why Anandtech licks Apple's b***s. And it is licking balls and nothing else. Every year Apple produces 2x faster chips.. yet being miserly with screen resolution. This has got to stop. If you ask the question 'So, What?' to every 2x upgrade you'll find it is basically meaningless except for high end games. IOS does not need these CPU increases. Better Battery life? Who cares. Fast charging? Nada. Apple is so out of touch with their customers.. except for ball lickers.. who never seem to let go. '2x' is Apple's favorite sales trap and Anandtech will predictably go into fits of nerdgasms in excitement. Take your podcast and shove it down. 2x as fast.
  • Featherinmycap - Thursday, September 22, 2016 - link

    pav1 why are you so mean? The staff explained they are doing their best and go to great efforts to be fair and consistent. It has been explained many many times that OLED requires more pixels and therefore more powerful gpu and power consumption to get the same frame rates as a lesser resolution display. I think most people above the age of 40 cannot see the resolution improvement except perhaps in the case of asian character sets. iPhones can fast charge with the use of a larger iPad charger. As we all know the down side is less long term battery longevity and maybe fire in a defective or marginal battery. So perhaps before you spew off crude remarks you might instead attempt civility and a balanced nuanced and thoughtful comment.

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