Introduced back at CES 2023, Intel’s Alder Lake-N platform is the company's newest and latest budget platform for entry-level PCs. With the hardware now shipping, Zotac is among the first well-known PC makers to offer use the platform for its Zbox Edge MI351 mini-PC. Though it's not as small as some of its competitors, it offers a degree of upgradeability and plenty of ports. The Zotac Zbox Edge MI351 is based around Intel's N100 processor, which offers four Gracemont CPU cores operating at 800 MHz – 3.40 GHz and an Intel Xe-based iGPU with advanced media decoding (AV1, H.264, H.265, etc.) and encoding capabilities. From performance point of view, Intel's N100 should offer performance comparable to that of quad-core Skylake-class processors from 2015 – 2018...

Zotac's Cedar Trail ZBOX ID80 Uses Discrete GPU

Intel announced its 32nm Atom platform for netbooks/nettops at the end of last year. Codenamed Cedar Trail the new Atom doesn't really change CPU performance all that much but...

0 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 1/9/2012

Zotac ZBOX: Brazos Goes HTPC

The ultimate goal of any HTPC is to handle any media content you might desire, all while consuming very little power and generating no noise. Package all of that...

37 by Andrew Van Til on 6/9/2011

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