Following the formal launch of Intel’s first discrete GPU in over a generation, the DG1, this morning Intel is launching the server counterpart to that chip, the very plainly named “Intel Server GPU”. Previously referred to as SG1, the Intel Server GPU is based on the same Xe-LP architecture design as the DG1, but aimed at the server market. And like the consumer DG1, Intel is planning on taking an interesting, somewhat conservative tack with their new silicon, chasing after specific markets that are well suited for Xe-LP’s significant investment into video encode hardware. One such market that Intel has decided to chase with their new silicon is the Android game streaming market. The company sees both gaming and video as growth markets, and game...

Intel’s SG1 is 4x DG1: Xe-LP Graphics for Server Video Acceleration and Streaming

For the last few years, Intel has had a product line known as the Visual Computing Accelerator (VCA). With the VCA2 product being put on EOL earlier this year...

10 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 8/21/2020

The Intel Xe-LP GPU Architecture Deep Dive: Building Up The Next Generation

As part of today’s Intel Architecture Day, Intel is devoting a good bit of its time to talking about the company’s GPU architecture plans. Though not a shy spot...

34 by Ryan Smith on 8/13/2020

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