Sabrent on Friday announced the latest addition to its Rocket family of high-performance SSDs, the Rocket 5. Rated for sequential read speeds of over 14,000 MB/s and up to 1.4 million of random read/write IOPS, the drive is slated to be the fastest Phison-powered PCIe 5.0 drive released thus far. The Rocket 5 will work with regular coolers provided by motherboards, but will also come bundled with a sizable cooling system featuring a heat pipe and a fan. Today's high-end PCIe Gen5 SSDs based on the Phison PS5026-E26 controller typically offer maximum sequential read speeds of 10 to 12 GB/second, depending on the generation of NAND used with the powerful controller. Initial drives were paired with 1600 MT/sec NAND, while more recent drives have been...

Sabrent Ships 8TB SSD for PlayStation 5: High Capacity for a High Price

Although Sony's PlayStation 5 game console fully supports off-the-shelf PCIe 4.0 solid-state drives, Sony initially limited the maximum capacity to 4 TB. Recently the company removed that cap as...

19 by Anton Shilov on 9/22/2023

Sabrent Launches Thunderbolt 4 KVM Switch with 8Kp60 Support

Sabrent has introduced one of the industry's first Thunderbolt 4 KVM switches, supporting displays up to 8K@60 Hz while also delivering 60W of power to host devices. The switch...

10 by Anton Shilov on 6/27/2023

Sabrent Rocket Q4 and Corsair MP600 CORE NVMe SSDs Reviewed: PCIe 4.0 with QLC

A PCIe Gen4 SSD controller can get more performance out of QLC NAND, but can a QLC SSD ever be more than a low-end drive?

60 by Billy Tallis on 4/9/2021

Sabrent Rocket XTRM-Q USB / Thunderbolt 3 Dual Mode External SSD Review: Yin and Yang

The external storage market has shown renewed vigor in recent years, thanks in part to growth fueled by bus-powered flash-based storage solutions. The introduction of 3D NAND, coupled with...

14 by Ganesh T S on 12/14/2020

QLC Goes To 8TB: Samsung 870 QVO and Sabrent Rocket Q 8TB SSDs Reviewed

Flash memory prices have been on a downward trajectory for years. A decade ago, this trend was helping SSDs establish a foothold in the consumer market—largely for enthusiasts. Now...

152 by Billy Tallis on 12/4/2020

Sabrent Rocket Nano Rugged IP67 Portable SSD Review: NVMe in a M.2 2242 Enclosure

Portable bus-powered SSDs are a growing segment of the direct-attached storage market. The ongoing glut in flash memory (and the growing confidence of flash vendors in QLC) has brought...

11 by Ganesh T S on 10/30/2020

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