It’s been a few years since machine learning and neural networks first started to be the hot new news topic. Ever since then, the market has transformed a lot and a lot of companies and the industry as a whole has shifted from a notion of “what can we do with this” to rather a narrative of “this is useful, we should really have it”. Although the market is very much far from being mature, it’s no longer in the early wild-west stages that we saw a few years ago. A notable development in the industry is that there’s been a whole lot of silicon vendors who have chosen to develop their own IP instead of licensing things out – in a sense IP vendors...

CEVA Announces NeuPro Neural Network IP

Ahead of CES CEVA today announced a new specialised neural network accelerator IP called NeuPro. We’ve over the last few months seen an explosion of news related to “AI” and...

12 by Andrei Frumusanu on 1/5/2018

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