Already solidly in the driver’s seat of the generative AI accelerator market at this time, NVIDIA has long made it clear that the company isn’t about to slow down and check out the view. Instead, NVIDIA intends to continue iterating along its multi-generational product roadmap for GPUs and accelerators, to leverage its early advantage and stay ahead of its ever-growing coterie of competitors in the accelerator market. So while NVIDIA’s ridiculously popular H100/H200/GH200 series of accelerators are already the hottest ticket in Silicon Valley, it’s already time to talk about the next generation accelerator architecture to feed NVIDIA’s AI ambitions: Blackwell.

Report: NVIDIA Forms Custom Chip Unit for Cloud Computing and More

With its highly successful A100 and H100 processors for artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) applications, NVIDIA dominates AI datacenter deployments these days. But among large cloud service...

10 by Anton Shilov on 2/13/2024

NVIDIA: Grace Hopper Has Entered Full Production & Announcing DGX GH200 AI Supercomputer

Teeing off an AI-heavy slate of announcements for NVIDIA, the company has confirmed that their Grace Hopper “superchip” has entered full production. The combination of a Grace CPU and...

8 by Ryan Smith on 5/29/2023

The NVIDIA GTC Spring 2023 Keynote Live Blog (8:00am PT/15:00 UTC)

Please join us at 8:00am PT (15:00 UTC) for our live blog coverage of NVIDIA’s Spring GTC keynote address. The traditional kick-off to the show – be it physical...

18 by Ryan Smith on 3/21/2023

NVIDIA Unveils Grace: A High-Performance Arm Server CPU For Use In Big AI Systems

Kicking off another busy Spring GPU Technology Conference for NVIDIA, this morning the graphics and accelerator designer is announcing that they are going to once again design their own...

119 by Ryan Smith on 4/12/2021

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