EyeQ Ultra

It’s hard to avoid that autonomous vehicles are a key part of how we are going to be discussing technology and machine learning of the future. For the best part of a decade, we’ve been discussing the different levels of autonomy, from Level 1 (basic assistance) to Level 4 (full automation with some failover) and Level 5 (full automation with full failover), and what combined software and hardware solution we need to create it. One of the major companies in this space is Mobileye, acquired by Intel in 2017, and the company has recently celebrated 100 million chips sold in this space. Today we’re talking with CEO and Co-Founder Professor Amnon Shashua about the latest announcements from Mobileye at this year’s CES, including the...

Mobileye Announces EyeQ Ultra: A Level 4 Self-Driving System In A Single SoC

While CES may have started out as the Consumer Electronics Show, the global event has over the years expanded to include everything from enterprise technologies to automobiles. As a...

10 by Ryan Smith on 1/4/2022

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