Core i9-9990XE

Within a few weeks, Intel is set to launch its most daring consumer desktop processor yet: the Core i9-9900KS, which offers eight cores all running at 5.0 GHz. There’s going to be a lot of buzz about this processor, but what people don’t know is that Intel already has an all 5.0 GHz processor, and it actually has 14 cores: the Core i9-9990XE. This ultra-rare thing isn’t sold to consumers – Intel only sells it to select partners, and even then it is only sold via an auction, once per quarter, with no warranty from Intel. How much would you pay for one? Well we got one to test.

Intel’s ‘Auction-Only’ Core i9-9990XE Available in Retail: €2999

When Intel quietly rolled out its 14-core Core i9-9990XE aimed at extreme desktops earlier this year, the company only planned to sell the CPU to system integrators and only...

8 by Anton Shilov on 4/11/2019

Intel Core i9-9990XE : Up to 5.0 GHz, Auction Only

AnandTech has seen documents and supporting information from multiple sources that show that Intel is planning to release a new high-end desktop processor, the Core i9-9990XE. These documents show...

66 by Ian Cutress on 1/14/2019

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