At the close of play today, Intel is announcing two major changes at the top of its organization. The big one is that EVP and GM of Intel’s Client Computing Group, Gregory Bryant, who led the company in their CES messaging only last week, is moving on to new ventures. After his 30-year stint at Intel, he is to be replaced by 25-year veteran Michelle Johnston Holthaus, currently EVP and Intel’s Chief Revenue Officer in charge of Communications, Sales, and Marketing. There’s also a new CFO coming in from Micron. It’s a big surprise, seeing Gregory Bryant leave Intel. He has been leading the consumer platform team for a number of years, since June 2017, covering the last few generations of CPU and mobile launches...

Intel Moving to Chiplets: ‘Client 2.0’ for 7nm

One of the more esoteric elements of Intel’s Architecture Day 2020 came very near the end, where Intel spent a few minutes discussing what it believes is the future...

67 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 8/21/2020

Qualcomm Updates Wi-Fi 6 Lineup: Networking Pro Series for APs and FastConnect for Clients

Qualcomm is announcing an update to its Wi-Fi 6 portfolio today with a host of new access point solutions under the Networking Pro Series moniker. The client side solutions...

9 by Ganesh T S on 8/27/2019

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