AMD K6-300

by Anand Lal Shimpi on July 20, 1998 2:55 PM EST
Like the K6/266, the 300MHz version of AMD's 6th generation line of processors operates at a unique 2.2v core voltage setting.  This may pose a problem for some older motherboards, but most newer boards do support this setting.  (For a comprehensive list of compatible motherboards, check out

As far as clock multipliers are concerned, the K6-300 is, again, much like its 266MHz brother in that it supports clock multipliers up to 5.0x, making overclocking almost encouraged by this cool running processor. 

A 4.5x clock multiplier is necessary for normal operation however, as the K6-300 operates at an external 66MHz bus with a 4.5x clock multiplier (66 x 4.5 = 300MHz).  Note that the K6-300 is NOT the same thing as the upcoming K6/3D - 300 which operates at a 100MHz Front Side Bus Frequency.

BIOS Support is necessary for proper operation of the K6-300 as well, however in most cases a simple trip down to your motherboard manufacturer's Website will take care of that upgrade without much hassle.  All AnandTech Motherboard Reviews list the manufacturer's web address at the bottom of each individual review. 

All in all the K6-300 isn't much different from the 266, it inherits all of the wonderful qualities the 266 does, including excellent overclockability and literally cool operation, as well as its lackluster performance when compared to the massive (also meant to be interpreted literally) Pentium II.  So we are posed with the same question once again...why would you want to buy a K6-300?

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