We've been waiting for affordable LCDs to start showing some clear improvements in performance, quality, features, and design for a while. AOC has potentially done exactly that with their new i2367fh monitor, delivering an IPS-based panel with virtually no left/right or top borders. The bezel measures 2mm thick, making it a potentially great option for multi-monitor users. It's currently available online starting at $189 (though it's also currently backordered).

Besides the thin bezel, the 23-inch i2367fh has WLED backlighting for the IPS panel, built-in speakers, VGA and two HDMI inputs to drive the 1080p display, and audio in/out ports. The stand doesn't appear to support any adjustments other than tilt, and there's no VESA mount, so this is definitely a niche product. However, it's a niche product that looks quite nice and should at least match what we've seen from TN panels for years at only a slight premium.

The display is so new AOC doesn't even list the i2367fh on their US/English sites yet, so the best information we can provide is via this ~7MB PDF, or if you prefer here's their Taiwan page. All we need now is for B&H to get more in stock (and for other resellers to show up). I don't know how others feel, but I'd love to see more displays ditch the 1" bezels—including on the bottom, please. There's nothing a thick bezel adds other than size, though obviously making a thin bezel does cost more.

Update: Some are questioning whether the content of the display goes to the edge (or 2mm from the edge), or if AOC is simply using glass over the main LCD to give a borderless appearance. I asked AOC for an answer, but all I had to go on initially is the press release stating it has a 2mm bezel. To me, the bezel means the area between the edge and the display content, so 2mm would be great. Unfortunately, this unboxing page indicates that AOC is mincing words and using the term bezel to mean the distance between the edge and the glass cover. I apologize for the confusion, though an 8-bit IPS panel for under $200 is still a nice change of pace.

Source: AOC PR

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  • Peanutsrevenge - Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - link

    I'm sure there's a demand for thin bezels for multi-monitor users, I know 3 people (out of my small group of people) that use/want multi monitors for both gaming and business use.

    The bezels get in the way,just a shame this is another 'fake' one like the LG IPS7.

    Come on manufacturers sort your selves out, I;m sure they'll be a nice high profit margin for a year or two.
  • Pantsu - Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - link

    As people have already mentioned, the display area doesn't reach the physical bezel. The AOC uses the same LG panel as the IPS237L. Both companies are misleading customers by showing renders with no bezels, even though they never directly state that there actually is a 1 cm bezel around the display area.

    It's still a decently thin bezel though, and would probably be an ok display for a landscape eyefinity setup. It's just disappointing how these companies still haven't figured out how to make a proper eyefinity monitor with vesa support and thin bezels. Only Samsung has it's old ridiculously expensive eyefinity sets that were released when Eyefinity was first released. All the new thin bezel monitors are crappy "design" monitors with unusable stands.
  • Spoelie - Thursday, November 22, 2012 - link

    Still no monitors available with the right combination of features
    * 100hz
    * Static contrast ratio of at least 1000:1 over all brightness levels
    * IPS/PLS
    * Very low input lag
    * Thin bezels
    * Factory calibrated (if possible, but no deal breaker)

    They can ditch the inbuilt scaler, usb hub, speakers or whatever - don't use don't care. I would gladly pay more than double for such a monitor.

    Right now one can only buy a monitor with any 1 or 2 (but not all) of the above.

    Also, can't find any article that compares inputs for input lag (does vga vs hdmi vs displayport make a difference?).
  • finbarqs - Friday, December 7, 2012 - link

    in the *update* that jarred posts shows the box of the advertisement indicating it's "edge to edge" but yet during the testing it isn't... talk about false advertising...
  • Eric1123 - Sunday, November 10, 2019 - link

    Nice monitor and good price but would be better with higher display

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