Wrapping up our IFA coverage, at least week's trade show TPV demonstrated a preproduction version of its upcoming ultra-wide (32:9 aspect ratio) 49” Philips display. The 492P8 monitor will have something in common with Samsung’s C49HG90 introduced earlier this year, but it will lack quantum dots and a number of other features. A good news is that it will cost less, at a little over $1000.

Over the past few quarters companies like Philips, LG, Samsung, JapanNext and some other have introduced computer displays with diagonals significantly exceeding 30” – 34”, setting a new trend for ultra large monitors. Separately, ASUS, Dell, Samsung, LG and other have launched LCDs with a 21:9 aspect ratio, setting another trend, this time for ultra-wide monitors. Different suppliers of monitors target their ultra-large LCDs at different audiences, but it is clear that these wide and/or huge displays are not niche products, but represent new market trends. Being one of the largest maker of LCD panels in the world, Samsung recognized both trends early enough and this year introduced the world’s first mass-market monitor with a 49” diagonal and an ultra-wide 32:9 aspect ratio.

Samsung gave the backlighting on its C49HG90 a quantum dot treatment to expand its color space to 95% of the DCI-P3, while also equipping it with AMD’s FreeSync 2 technology and increasing its maximum refresh rate to 144 Hz in order to address the high end of the gaming market. At present, the display is indeed one of the most advanced and expensive ($1499) gaming monitors in the industry. Meanwhile, gamers are not the only category of users, who can benefit from a massive ultra-wide screen. There are users of multi-monitor configurations in finance, engineering, design, audio/video production and other industries, who would gladly swap two displays for one ultra-wide one or four LCDs for two. Apparently, Philips plans to address these industries with its upcoming 492P8 monitor. The company confirms that Samsung is the supplier of its 49" 32:9 panel, but given the fact that this is a rather niche product (there are not a lot of people who have enough space for a 49" monitor on their desks at home or in office), it is highly likely that Samsung will remain the only producer of such panels for a while.

As the name implies, the Philips 492P8 belongs to the brand’s P-line offerings aimed at professionals. Although Philips has demonstrated the 492P8 in action at IFA, the company is not releasing the monitor's complete specifications just yet, as some things may change between the current prototype and the final product. Nonetheless, the basic details about the display panel itself are already known: a 3840x1080 resolution, up to 600 nits brightness, up to 5000:1 contrast ratio, 178º/178º vertical/horizontal viewing angles, 1800R curvature and so on. Unlike Samsung, Philips will not be using QLED backlighting to improve color gamut, citing the different target audiences. For the same reason, peak brightness could be limited and since we do not have the final specs of the 492P8 at hand, we'd rather not speculate about the specifications of the monitor itself.


Connectivity capabilities of the Philips 492P8 look rather good: the monitor has a DisplayPort, an HDMI port, a USB Type-C input, a D-Sub connector, as well as a built-in dual-port USB 3.0 and an Ethernet hub (the USB-C acts like an upstream port for both). The presence of the D-Sub looks a bit odd, but it could be used to connect an additional computer and display its output in picture-by-picture (PBP) or picture-in-picture (PiP) mode. In addition, there are two 3.5-mm audio connectors for headphones and a microphone.

Philips Ultra-Wide 49" Display
Panel 49" VA
Native Resolution 3840 × 1080
Maximum Refresh Rate unknown
Response Time unknown
Brightness up to 600 cd/m² (?)
Contrast up to 5000:1 (?)
Backlighting LED
Viewing Angles 178°/178° horizontal/vertical
Curvature 1800R
Aspect Ratio 32:9 (3.56:1)
Color Gamut sRGB
Dynamic Refresh Rate Tech unknown
Pixel Pitch 0.312 mm²
Pixel Density 81.41 PPI
Inputs 1 × DP
1 × D-Sub
2 × HDMI
Audio 3.5 mm input and output
USB Hub 2 × USB 3.0 Type-A connectors
Ethernet 1 GbE port
MSRP €899/$1077 (preliminary)

Philips plans to bring the 492P8 to the market sometimes in Q2 next year and intends to sell the unit for about €899 ($1077). Keeping in mind that we are at least a half of a year away from the launch of the 492P8, some specs and/or MSRP may change due to various circumstances.

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Source: Philips

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  • vred - Friday, September 8, 2017 - link

    Actually, you'll get the exact same resolution.
  • ddriver - Friday, September 8, 2017 - link

    Well, it is misleading because they stacked two monitors on top. I doubt this will end up this product's common use, as you can already buy a full 4k similarly sized monitor, ending up with identical dimensions and resolution. It is pointless.

    This will be used standalone, as an immersive gaming display, only half the pixels of 4k and freesync, piss poor vertical resolution, this monitor was made for gaming and it won't be of much use outside of gaming. So no, I don't see a lot of people stacking those on top of each other. Unless someone really insists on having a black bar through the horizontal center, for some inexplicable reason.
  • Tams80 - Sunday, September 17, 2017 - link

    Oh, come on. It's hardly piss-poor resolution, even by today's standards. It's just that you can go to much higher resolutions.
  • Notmyusualid - Monday, September 18, 2017 - link

    @ Tams80

    Actually, it IS a poor resolution.

    Even my laptop from year 2000 had 1200 vertical.
  • blakflag - Friday, September 8, 2017 - link

    Yeah, I was ready to post this to Facebook as "my next monitor" until I saw that vertical resolution. I figured we'd have moved on to twice that by now, for anything even approaching $1000. Blech.
  • Slaveguy - Sunday, September 10, 2017 - link

    Please tell us more about the products you post on your Facebook
  • Morawka - Sunday, September 10, 2017 - link

    i'm jealous, my facebook friends would unfollow if i posted something gaming related.. baby pics and dog pics are the only thing allowed on FB it seems.
  • twtech - Friday, September 8, 2017 - link

    This is essentially two 1080p 27" monitors combined into one. The obvious use-case for this type of monitor is widescreen gaming, and for that use, the resolution is probably good enough. For productivity, you're probably better off with two separate 27s anyway.
  • twtech - Friday, September 8, 2017 - link

    Also, I don't really agree that most people don't have enough space for this. I've never had less than two monitors at work, and I have 3x 30s at home - though in that setup they are mounted via monitor arms and do extend off the edges of the desk.

    Any reasonably-sized desk will fit a pair of 27s though, which is what this would replace.
  • smilingcrow - Friday, September 8, 2017 - link

    Whilst many desks can accommodate a large monitor or two smaller ones often in doing so they may swamp the desk and leave little or no room for other essentials such as a lamp.

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