Over the last week, Lexar has introduced a new series of USB flash drives with enhanced endurance. The new drives are built to survive in tough conditions, such as very cold or very hot temperatures or water. As for performance and capacities, we are talking about fairly mainstream products with USB Type-A interface with low price points.

The Lexar JumpDrive Tough are designed to withstand physical impact (up to 750 PSI or 50 atm), extreme temperatures (from -25°C to +148.9°C) and water (it is claimed to be water resistant up to 98 feet, or 30 meters). This is compared to typical flash drives that can be stored at -20°C and operate at 0°C, or some that are also water resistant from use of resins. There are ranges of products on the market aimed at the physical endurance crowd, and the combination of extended temperature ranges, water resistance, and physical durability is the main selling point of Lexar’s new drives.

Lexar JumpDrive Tough Family of Flash Drives
Capacity 32 GB 64 GB 128 GB
Type of NAND Unknown
Maximum Transfer Rate Read: 130 MB/s
Write: 25 MB/s
Read: 150 MB/s
Write: 60 MB/s
Physical Impact 750 PSI
Water Resistance Up to 30 Meters
Storage Temperature -25°C to +148.9°C
-13°F to 300°F
Warranty Three Years
MSRP $19.99 $34.99 $59.99

The JumpDrive Tough family of USB drives consists of three models with 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB capacities. As for performance, the manufacturer declares up to 150 MB/s read speed as well as up to 60 MB/s write speed (for the 128 GB and 64 GB versions, the 32 GB version is slower). To enable advanced security, Lexar bundles the EncryptStick Lite software with 256-bit AES encryption.

Lexar has already started to ship its JumpDrive Tough family of USB drives at MSRPs of $19.99 (32 GB), $34.99 (64 GB), and $59.99 (128 GB). All the USB sticks are covered with a three-year limited warranty.

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Source: Lexar

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  • Lord of the Bored - Saturday, April 1, 2017 - link

    If you're that worried, then Linux isn't the answer, OpenBSD is.
    Well, actually, going offline and wearing the foil hat to protect you from the mind-control satellites is the answer, but...
  • SaolDan - Thursday, March 30, 2017 - link

    Paranoid android
  • Fujikoma - Sunday, April 9, 2017 - link

    The Asus Vivo with the Celeron 1007U (Ivy Bridge) actually has drivers for Windows XP, though the network ones don't work. UEFI allows other Os', you just have to specify. I use an 128GB SSD with it and it's great for old games. Fantastic little setup.
    The other aspect, is that I have no problem keeping copies of cracked software I own that will run without an internet connection. Those are on another computer so they don't happen to screw up my main workstation... because they are cracked by someone I don't know or trust.
    I don't bother with app store stuff for the computer, just the phone and tablets.
    I wouldn't bother with the older machines either, if I were a business. I only keep the stuff around because I know people that still use them. It's gotten cheaper to just move them to a newer machine if I don't have the spare parts.
  • voicequal - Friday, March 31, 2017 - link

    I don't have an application for the physical endurance offered by this drive, but what I wouldn't give for a simple write protect switch.
  • Bullwinkle J Moose - Friday, March 31, 2017 - link

    Write protect switch?

    Here you go....

  • Bullwinkle J Moose - Friday, March 31, 2017 - link

    Orico and others also made USB drive cases for 2.5" hard drives and SSD's with a write protect switch

    Unfortunately, in the case of the Orico USB 3.0 version, you must order a minimum of 10 from China

    These are not generally available in the U.S. because you can block malware from being added to them

    Apparently Law Enfarcement doesn't like that

    If you don't believe it, just ask the CIA
  • Bullwinkle J Moose - Friday, March 31, 2017 - link


    It's a JOKE!

    The CIA would never do that......wait, whats all this news today at Wikileaks?

  • voicequal - Saturday, April 1, 2017 - link

    Nice. I will check those out.

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